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Best Travel Instagram Accounts – April


If you’ve been under a rock for the last 2 months, we launched a new monthly blog series where we feature some of our the best travel Instagram accounts to follow. These accounts range in size and have nothing to do with the number of followers one has. Our goal is to share artists with you who produce beautiful photos and videos, have engaging personalities, and are accounts that you would love to follow. Some have millions of followers, while some only a few thousand. This month we feature 13 unique profiles that you’re sure to love.

Best Instagram Travel Accounts – April



Sam produces some of our favorite content on Instagram. You’ll find travel photography, adventure photography, and incredible film on his profile. His YouTube channel, Kold YouTube, is one of our favorite YouTube channels because Sam does such a great job of making viewers feel like they are either there or could be. So much of the video content produced in travel makes viewers feel insufficiently capable of visiting the places featured in the film or inadequately positioned to enjoy a similar experience to that being featured. Most videos leave viewers saying, “I wish I could….” but Sam has a way of making the viewer feel invited on the journey. Maybe its the causal angle he leverages, the narration, the bits and pieces of interviews littered in between gorgeous landscape shots.



Cobian happens to live in the United State’s most photogenic state: North Dakota…..kidding, Hawaii. His bio proclaims, “Raised in paradise,” which is a testament to the work you’ll find on his profile. Cobian does an excellent job of showcasing the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands with his vibrant and inviting photos. Whether he is above or below the ocean, he has a knack for producing gorgeous photographs that make one want to buy a one-way ticket to Hawaii immediately.




We mentioned Michael in our pilot volume of this series when we featured his partner, Aggie. Most of you probably follow Aggie, AKA @TravelInHerShoes as she has more than half a million followers, but surprisingly the man who produces most of her content has a more humble account. Michael is a genius behind the camera whether he is shooting stills or video. The content you’ll find both on his Instagram, as well as Aggie’s, is some of our favorite on IG. Michael and Aggies travels take you around the world to gorgeous islands and even remote places in Africa and South America. You’re sure to catch some wanderlust from Michael’s page.



We will be surprised if you love to travel and aren’t following Brooke Saward. Brooke is one of the pioneers in travel blogging, a published author, and a successful business owner. We began following her and reading her blog, World of Wanderlust about 4 years ago when we were planning to quit our jobs and travel the world. When we first started travel blogging we read Brooke’s book that is filled with tips on how to build a successful travel blog. She doesn’t know this, but she had a huge influence on Couple’s Coordinates and the brand we are today. Thanks, Brooke!



We discovered James’ account through Beautiful Destinations as we believe he was/is working with them to produce beautiful travel content. (James, please correct us if we are wrong here) James’ photos are some of the most aesthetically pleasing we have found on the platform and are a must follow if you’re looking for travel inspiration on Instagram. James takes a unique approach to Instagram stories, creating borders for his photo and video stories that immediately stand out from others. It would be nearly impossible to not notice that you switched from someone else’s story to James.



Sammy is a fine example of what we mentioned above – this is about talent, not followers. Sammy checks in at just over 10K followers, but his content and personality are what make his profile so great. We have been interacting with Sammy for a number of years now and we have watched his editing evolve to its current state which is fantastic. He has essentially been nomadic for the better part of the time we have known him, as he has traveled to dozens of countries around the world. He is a Kiwi, which means even when he is home in New Zealand, he has gorgeous landscapes to shoot.



Robert King is a Lonely Planet contributor with an incredible eye for travel photography. We only discovered his page relatively recently, but immediately fell in love with the gorgeous and vibrant photos he creates. On Robert’s page you’ll find not only popular travel destinations but also shots from remote destinations, close-ups of animals, and loads of beautiful waterfalls.



Rachel is a good friend of ours that I (Michael) have known for years. Her passion for the sea has led her to voyage around the oceans of this beautiful earth with her husband, Josh, on their boat Agape. You can follow both her personal account, as well as their sailing on @VoyagesOfAgape. Rachel is a model, an avid climber, divemaster, traveler, and adventurer. Rachel is a must follow for anyone who loves the sea (both above and below). There is so much personality in her profile that you’ll quickly fall in love.




You might recognize Angie if you read our best travel Instagram accounts – March volume – as we featured her partner Jeremy. Angie and is often part of the gorgeous shots Jeremy shares and visa versa. This couple will have you saying, “couples goals,” as you follow their journey through the most beautiful islands in the world. Angie’s page is filled with gorgeous shots from places like Bali, Maldives, etc. featuring some of the finest luxury hotels and resorts in the world.



If you didn’t say, “Aw,” when you saw that gorgeous kitten, deer, and the penguins above then you simply don’t have a hear or soul. Emmett is a recent discovery of ours as well but has quickly become one of our favorite accounts to follow. He uses gorgeous landscapes, animals, and light in such a way that his images always appear unique. Scrolling down your feed, you’ll know when you get to one of Emmett’s photos because it will simply stand out from the others.



We have been following and chatting with Warren for 4 years now ever since he was @WarrenJC. If you follow a lot of travel accounts, you might have seen (or even used) the hashtag #WarrenJC. Warren has had a large influence in the Instagram travel space as he continues to feature bright blue, gorgeous, photos of his home: Philippines. His entire page is filled with shots of gorgeous islands around the Philippines archipelago. Warren edits in a unique way as well, so the colors you’ll find on his page are dissimilar to the colors you’ll find on many others featuring similar photos. This alone makes him worth a follow.



Allie’s profile takes travelers from African deserts to the Swiss Alps on a gorgeous photographic journey. Her profile is filled with breathtaking landscape shots from around the world, but she also produces content in such a way that her personality is able to shine through in the photos. Finding a good balance between creating landscape shots and ensuring that you have a personality/lifestyle aspect is a challenge that Allie has mastered.



“I live where you vacation,” is the tagline you’ll find in his bio. This couldn’t be more accurate with the gorgeous shots he shares of the most photogenic country in the world: Italy. His bio also states that he, “Travels for travel’s sake,” which is something we all ought to aspire to. Travel is about the journey and the experience, not so much the destination. Don Quiel’s profile features all of your favorite Italian destinations and some that you’ve probably never heard of. His editing style is dark with an emphasis on vibrant colors like blue and orange – perfectly capturing the heart and soul of our favorite country, Italy.

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