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Best Travel Instagram Accounts – February

Hey guys! We decided to start a new weekly series. We will be featuring a number of the best travel Instagram accounts that we personally follow. These accounts inspire us in many ways and create amazing content that is sure to fuel your wanderlust. Each month we will be sharing somewhere between 10 and 20 of the best Instagram accounts to follow for travel inspiration.

Best Travel Instagram Accounts



We had the awesome opportunity to write for Kiersten (The Blonde Abroad) for a couple of years. Kiersten brought us on to be her Couples Travel Experts and we contributed a number of pieces that you can find on The Blonde Abroad. Kiersten is one of our biggest inspirations in the travel industry. The Blonde Abroad (TBA) is quickly becoming much more than a “travel blog” as Kiersten is now hosting TBA Retreats in places like Bali and South Africa. Kiersten has broken a lot of glass and established herself as not only one of the most successful travel bloggers in the industry but also as arguably the most influential female entrepreneur in the travel space. Don’t take our word for it….CNN listed Kiersten as the #2 travel influencers in the world (and this is a coed list with only Brian Kelly of The Points Guy beating out Kiersten for the top spot.) Follow Kiersten on Instagram to stay up to date on her travels.

Follow @TheBlondeAbroad on Instagram



Chelsea happens to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth…Kauai. She showcases her home island in such a beautiful light and captivates her followers as she brings us with her around the world. Her captions are always motivational and allow her follows to get a good glimpse of her personality. Some of her recent travels include the Dominican Republic and Saint Lucia. These trips have made for some incredible content. Chelsea also has a travel blog that documents her adventures.

Follow @ChelseaKauai on Instagram



@ElJackson and @Hilvees

Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale are an absolute inspiration and the fact that they aren’t even 30 years old is somewhat crazy. They are Norway natives but are globetrotters in the most serious sense. Samuel and Hildegunn’s feeds take us around the world with some incredible photography and loads of photos that qualify as #CouplesGoals. Their love for each other is seemingly only outdone by their love for God. Samuel and Hildegunn are outspoken about their faith and are a great example of individuals who use their platform to promote the message of love.

Follow @Eljackson and @Hilvees on Instagram



Our friend Matt Karsten is the real deal. He’s not the type of travel blogger and Instagram influencer who says he is a vagabond and then stays in 5-star hotels and has a Maybach drive him around. He has traveled the world in some pretty incredible ways from hitch-hiking across the US to hiking through Afghanistan.

Matt is an incredibly talented photographer and has one of the best travel blogs out there to go along with his inspiring Instagram account.

Follow @ExpertVagabond on Instagram



Anna is a Polish native now based in Los Angeles. If you want to talk about power couples, let’s talk about how her and Matt (Expert Vagabond) recently got married and have created the ultimate travel couple. Anna’s Instagram takes you around the world in color. Her pictures are so naturally beautiful and bright. If you’re keen to see more of Anna’s travels, you can follow along on her blog.

Follow @Anna.Everywhere on Instagram



Mel Vandersluis is a Canadian based travel influencer with a personality that shines through her photos. Mel’s feed is a great mix of landscape shots from around the world mixed with lifestyle photos that highlight her travels with both her partner and her girlfriends. Her editing style is unique and makes for awesome colors throughout her feed.

Follow @Mvandersluis on Instagram



If you want to follow a man who is constantly doing cool things in nature, be sure to follow Jackson. Both his Instagram and his travel blog are adventure filled and action packed. He’s got a unique editing approach that makes his pictures stand out and a really relatable approach to travel (backpacking). His travels and his content places a ton of emphasis on what matters: the experience.

Follow @Jackson.Groves



Cute overload. Want a preview to what we are going to be like when we have children? There’s a reason we chose #TheWildGallaghers as our wedding hashtag. Remember the TV show The Wild Thornberrys? Well, the Gee family is the modern version. Garrett and Settie are parents to 2 (about to be 3) beautiful children that are featured in just about all of the content they produce. They have been traveling the world continuously for the last 100 weeks and actually just released their 100th video on YouTube. We absolutely love the approach they have taken in the early, developing, years of their children. They have toured them to 50+ countries and have provided them an education that no child can even gain in school. These kids are going to start kindergarten with more stamps in their passport than most people ever get in their whole lives. The exposure to cultures, languages, and food that these children have is going to set them up for success. Their story and their travels are so heartwarming and fun to follow along. So, yeah, check them out and you’ll have an idea of what The Wild Gallaghers are going to be like when we finally choose to have children.

Follow @TheBucketListFamily on Instagram



Quin is one of our favorite travel photographers. He and his girlfriend Jess (below) travel the world (often out of a van) and share some of the most epic pictures you’ll see on Instagram. You’ll see some pretty incredible stuff on Quin’s page from beautiful national US parks to slacklining, hammock tents over massive mountain drops, waterfalls, etc. Quin’s photography skills are incredible and the way that he is able to capture the beauty of nature is a true art. You can see more on his blog as well.

Follow @EverChangingHorizon on Instagram



Jess, as mentioned above is Quin’s girlfriend and often the woman you’ll find in many of Quin’s photos. But Jess is also an incredible photographer and produces content that is similar to Quin, but unique in her own way. She’s got a fantastic personality that shows through in her captions and her honest approach to her brand. One caption she shared recently with a self-portrait really spoke to us:

“I think it’s really easy to forget that there are real people behind the screen sometimes. And that can be a problem for all sorts of reasons. But I think the biggest one is that it takes the human element away. When that happens, we forget that Instagram is just a collection of photos. It doesn’t represent a complete picture of life – at least mine doesn’t. It’s just a highlight reel of my favorite moments spread out over time. So if you aren’t traveling all the time. If every day is not awesome. If you make ugly faces whenever you have to smile for a camera. Don’t worry. Me too!”

You can follow along with Jess both on Instagram and on her blog.

Follow @Jess.Wandering on Instagram



Aggie travels extensively with her partner Michael. The two venture to some of the most gorgeous tropical destinations in the world with recent stops in Bora Bora, the Maldives, and Exuma. Aggie’s pictures are a great mix of eye-catching travel shots as well as a great bit of lifestyle influence.

Follow @Travel_InHerShoes on Instagram



The story of how we discovered Madeleine’s account is quite funny. Madeleine had posted a picture from a Four Seasons that we had stayed at a couple years ago. The picture was shot in a spot that I had taken a picture of Alex and it was shot from behind, so the focus of the picture was Madeleine’s long, blonde, hair. At first glance, I thought it was Alex! The picture is the one we used above.

Pilot Madeleine is exactly that, a pilot. She has become incredibly well known in the travel space as she is one of the only pilots creating this type of beautiful content on her trips. She brings an awesomely unique approach to her content as she does stories in both English and German (she’s from Munich). You can visit her blog and read that in German or English as well.

Follow @PilotMadeleine on Instagram



One travel Instagram account that should have well over a million followers is our good buddy Tyler Cave. His photos are awesome, but his videos are where he truly shines. Tyler is one of the most talented video producers/editors we know. As a Canadian local he happens to live in one of the most naturally beautiful areas of the world. Generally, photos and videos don’t do places justice, but Tyler is able to capture nature in such a way that makes it seem even more beautiful. Go follow him on Instagram and check out more of his videos on his Facebook and his website, Tyler Cave Productions.

Follow @Tylermcave on Instagram


  1. Thanks for including us guys! I follow most of these accounts too. Always great for a little travel inspiration and location ideas.

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