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We have become quite proficient in booking travel around the world. We have quite a few tools that we leverage any time we book flights, accommodation, rail passes, and even tours. These are those exact companies. The companies below are not just partners to Couple's Coordinates, but also the travel companies and resources that we use every time we travel. They are the best in their respective businesses, invariably offering the best deals you'll find anywhere. Couple's Coordinates receives a commission when you book through our links.

Travel Insurance

It is unlikely that you'll need to cancel a trip and even more unlikely that you'll face a natural disaster while traveling. However, with some of the lowest rates on the market and easily the most comprehensive plans, World Nomads travel insurance is something that each traveler ought to think about before planning a trip. Their plans offer coverage for a myriad of "unlikely" occurrences: medical, natural disaster, canceled trips, etc. as well as the more likely occurrences: broken camera, stolen computer, etc. The best advice we give to our family and friends is to plan for the unexpected. We have a number of friends who have reached out to us thanking us for referring them to World Nomads because they saved themselves a ton of money and heartache when they faced unexpected challenges while traveling. Always travel with travel insurance. We have a quote tool at the bottom of the page if you're keen on checking rates.

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Cheap Accommodation

As you all know, we love staying at places like Four Seasons while we are traveling. However, this is not always pragmatic and is not always the experience we are looking for. More often than not, we will use Airbnb on our travels. This gives us the opportunity to have more of a local feel. This enables us to feel at home in each city we visit. Oh, it's also CHEAP. Sure, there are Airbnbs that are luxurious and expensive, but most apartments in cities around the world are affordable. Use our Airbnb code and you'll receive credit toward your first trip. The only caveat is you have to create a new account. The credit usually ranges from $25-50.

Get Airbnb Travel Credit is one of our favorite online booking sites for cheap and affordable accommodation. has a great rating system that also allows us to feel more comfortable with the hotels and B&B we choose. One of our favorite features is that most properties allow you to "pay when you stay" and make reservations with $0 down. Cancellation policies also tend to be very lax. Considering how often we change our minds and amend our trips, it is important to be able to make reservations without risk and is great for this. If you have not used, or want to go to the liberty of making a new account to get $25 in travel credit, you just need to follow this link to create a account. Full disclosure, we also receive $25 when you sign up! Win win, no? Search for cheap hotels

Cheap Flights

We are Delta Medallion members, but we often choose to book flights through Skyscanner when there is a noticeable disparity in price between a Delta flight and the ones we find on Skyscanner. If you're not familiar with Skyscanner, it's just like Kayak or Google Flights. We would advise you to cross-reference each search engine, but in our experience, Skyscanner has the most options and most affordable flights.

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European Train Tickets

Rail Europe offers train tickets throughout Europe. You can book your tickets online and in advance to save yourself time at the train station. You can also purchase EUrail train passes that can be for 1 country, multiple countries, or global throughout Europe.

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Travel Guides

We have written a number of travel guides, but we haven't been everywhere in the world.....YET. Lonely Planet has some of the best travel guides and travel resources to help you on your travels.

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We partner with 2 companies who do tours best. Viator has a plethora of tours around the world. They range in size (we only enjoy doing tours with groups of 8 people or less and we refuse to be part of those huge tour buses where everyone has a headset) and are quite educational and fun. In Italy, our trusted partner is Walks of Italy. These are walking tours with small groups and a local guide. They are the most enjoyable tours we have ever taken. They offer things like food and wine tours, pizza making, etc.

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Portable Wifi Hotspot

Not all of our Airbnb or hotels have great wifi. It is often challenging to get work done in a loud/crowded caffe. Sometimes you just want to work on the beach. All of these reasons are reasons we partnered with TEP Wireless. They provide portable wifi devices/hotspots that provide wifi in almost every country in the world.

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