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Essential Travel Products | Alex’s Favorite Products to Travel With (2018)

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Summer has arrived here in the US and with it, so many people are gearing up for their summer getaways! I’ve had a lot of people ask me what my go-to items are when traveling, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite things I love to bring with me on my trips! Most of them are carry-on essentials, but one is actually even the carry-on bag that I use while traveling. Regardless, these are some of the essential travel products that I take with me invariably when I travel.

Essential Travel Products

lightstim-acne essential travel products


LightStim is an incredible solution for acne. Between dry airplane cabins and humid destinations, it can be hard to keep your skin at its best when traveling. This patented LED light therapy clears acne and has seriously saved my skin from breakouts so many times. It only takes a few minutes per treatment, is portable, doesn’t require batteries, and can fit in any carry on bag! If you suffer from breakouts, this is definitely worth every penny!

MarineCollagen_Stickpack_essential travel products

Vital Proteins: Marine Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins small travel pouches are always in my carry-on bag. This is a drinkable powder you can add to your morning coffee or smoothie on-the-go. Key benefits include support for your joints, skin, hair, and nails. It has no flavor but adds so many health benefits!

sunbum 30 sunscreen essential travel products

Sun Bum

My all-time favorite sun protection! I use their SPF 30 sunscreen anytime I am out in the sun. I also love their deep conditioning hair mask! All of the products are vegan and smell like vacation. Sun Bum has a wide variety of products including lip balms, beauty products, and much more. They’re far more than a sunscreen brand. The products that Michael and I use on a daily basis (even at home) include SPF 30 sunscreen, lip balm, deep conditioning hair mask, and zinc face stick.

Another important thing to note is Sun Bum’s commitment to the environment. Their sunscreen is reef friendly! Most major sunscreen brands pack tons of chemicals into their products that are harmful both to coral reefs and even your OWN SKIN. It’s quite a catch 22 when you think you’re protecting your skin with sunscreen but you’re actually doing harm both to yourself and the environment. Avoid products with oxybenzone and octinoxate in them.

aveda dry remedy essential travel products


Aveda makes my favorite travel hair products! Their Dry Remedy hair care line is seriously the best! Using all natural oils with plant and flower essence, these products are able to moisturize dry hair without weighing it down. They are also cruelty-free and manufactured with 100% wind energy, so I can feel good about treating my hair without increasing my carbon footprint. It’s pretty cool to let your hair blow in the same wind that made your hair products.

travel_packing_squares essential travel products

Travel squares

These babies have changed the game when it comes to packing and overall organization. If you’re one of those people that neatly folds everything only to later have it one large jumbled mess at the end of your trip, fear not…there is hope! I make an effort to keep the squares packed with the clothes I originally fill them with throughout the entire trip. The squares not only enable everything to fit in your suitcase easier, they also hold things in place when your bag gets tossed around by airport ground crews and bag porters. I usually do separate packs for 1) tops 2) bottoms 3) pajamas and underwear and finally 4) workout clothes and bikinis. You can buy them on Amazon as well as other online retailers.

Away carry-on bag essential travel products

Away Carry-on Bag

Away has created my all-time favorite carry-on bag! The Away bag is both techy and pragmatic. It has a USB charging port that charges any device that can be charged with a USB cable, and it also fits a good amount of clothes for a carry-on. Most carry-ons (especially those with a battery and charging port) seem to fit no more than a few shirts. Considering the size and the protective hard shell case, I’m able to travel with my camera gear without fear of it being damaged. Then, I make sure to have a few outfits “just in case” our plans go awry.

For more carry-on essentials as well as more of our favorite travel products, check out our travel shop!

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