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Best Travel Instagram Accounts – March

Last month we decided to launch a series featuring the best travel Instagram accounts to follow to highlight some of our friends, peers, and influences in travel. This month we selected 14 accounts for you that each has a unique approach to travel photography. You’ll notice that some of these accounts are some of the most popular travel accounts in the world, while others are much less famous. Regardless of the number of followers, each photographer produces gorgeous content, which is why they are part of March’s…

Best travel Instagram accounts to follow



Our dear friend Allie is far more than a travel Instagram influencer. She is a published and successful poet, proprietor of a spiritual podcast, and an “influencer” in life even more than social media. Her feed tours followers around the world on a spiritual and enriching journey. You’ll find travel, yoga, poetry, and more on Allie’s page; all of which inspire wanderlust. You can read more about her poetry book in our best books to read while traveling blog.



Dave and Deb have been an awesome influence on us and have been instrumental in our growth here at Couple’s Coordinates. They have, arguably, the best travel blog on the internet and some of the best photography you’ll find on Instagram. They have a unique approach to editing which enhances vibrance and color and creates an incredible allure for their followers. We have written a guest post on The Planet D before, and plan to do so again in the future.



You might not know the account name, or Murad himself, but you know his work….and you’ve probably copied it. If you’ve traveled with a partner, we would be willing to bet you’ve taken a “follow me to” picture where one of you is leading the other, hand in hand, toward a beautiful site or landscape. Murad and his wife Nataly have taken the Instagram travel world by storm and have created a sensation that people love to mimic. We have even done it. Guilty!



Stephen Gollan is the truth. We just discovered his blog and Instagram a couple months ago and are surprised that he has 2.6K followers and not 2.6M. Stephen travels to some of the most remote and quasi-dangerous destinations on the planet. He recently spent a period of time in Yemen, Oman, and Papua New Guinea.



Chris is arguably the best landscape and travel photographer and videographer out there. His Instagram is just a peek at his incredible work. His movie Under an Arctic Sky is a fusion of a surf and travel movie that depicts the beautiful landscapes of Iceland. The shots Chris captured of surfers shredding under the Northern Lights are some of the most breathtaking shots ever captured by a camera.

He even gave a TED talk. So, yeah, he’s not only a huge travel influence but also a well decorated and accomplished travel influence.



We have been “virtual” friends with Tracy for quite some time and have loved following along her travels from southeast Asia to her home in Canada, down through the world’s remote islands, and along the way on the travel retreats she runs with Pangea Dreams. Tracy’s page is full of color and fun and is a great mix of travel and lifestyle inspiration.



Ryan and Sam are fellow Couples Travel Experts for The Blonde Abroad. We started following along on their journey after we saw some of their work for TBA and have loved their bright colors beach shots. Their page is filled with cute couple photos and gorgeous blue water from around the world. If you’re a reader of Couple’s Coordinates and enjoy following us on Instagram, you’ll love Our Travel Passport as well.



Jeremy’s life isn’t fair. He’s “based” in South Florida, but let’s be real – he’s permanently out of office and more accurately based in the Maldives, Seychelles, and other remote islands. He is a media partner for Luxury World Traveler and produces content for the finest resorts on the planet. His page is going to give you some serious wanderlust and will provide some serious couples goals as he travels predominantly with his partner Angie.



Nala is one of the most talented photographers out of Indonesia and an official Nikon Indonesia photographer. He shoots gorgeous travel landscapes from around the world and happens to have one of the most photogenic homes on this beautiful earth. Nala and Alex actually met on a press trip to Indonesia with Wonderful Indonesia and she affirms that he is as kind as he is talented!



@JeremyJauncey and @TomJauncey

The Jauncey brothers are incredibly well known in the Instagram travel space. If you don’t know them by name, you know their work. They are the co-founders of Beautiful Destinations which has become a globally recognized brand with multiple subsidiaries – Beautiful Hotels, Beautiful Matters, and Beautiful Cuisines.



Christian is one of the most influential female photographers on Instagram. her page is filled with photos from the open road, featuring gorgeous mountains and loads of snow-covered landscapes. If you’re looking not only for travel inspiration but also road trip, hiking, and camping inspiration, her account is sure to fuel your wanderlust. Alex and Christian were on a press trip together in Big Bear a couple years back for Mountain Girls and she had nothing but nice things to say about how friendly Christian is.



Kyle has an incredibly unique travel account. He manipulates perspective and proportionality to create super artistic travel photos that play tricks on the mind. He’s a talented virtual designed and an exceptional photographer. If you feel like you follow too much of the “same” type of travel accounts, Kyle’s account will be a breath of fresh air.



Josiah is a Laos native with a beautifully unique approach to editing his photos. His page has dark tones that truly emphasize the landscapes and objects that he is shooting. His account has grown significantly from when we started following him a ways back, and for good reason. The content Josiah creates is not only beautiful but unique.

So there you have it. Our favorite travel Instagram accounts for March 2018. Each of these accounts/photographers/bloggers is unique and incredibly talented. Let us know your thoughts on their photos in the comments.

Which account do you like best? Do you follow any of these guys already?

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