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The Best Resort in Las Vegas for Couples

four seasons las vegas feature image couples coordinates best resort in las vegas for couples

In a former life, we loved Las Vegas and all of the debauchery that made the city famous. EDC, nightclubs, and pool parties were the main reason we visite the Strip. However, as we have grown out of our party lifestyle, we have begun to look for a different type of Vegas experience. To be honest, most times that I (Michael) am in Vegas these days, I’m there on business. But whether on business or traveling with Alex, we want a nice comfortable bed to sleep in rather than an all-nighter on the Strip. Instead of gambling, we prefer to spend our money on food and wellness. As you might expect, this change of pace is best supported by a resort that fits the pace a couple is looking for on a relaxing trip. Recently, I spent a week in Vegas for work and had the pleasure of staying with Four Seasons Las Vegas for a couple nights. This is why we think Four Seasons Las Vegas is the best resort in Las Vegas for couples.

What makes Four Seasons the best resort in Las Vegas for couples?

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Four Seasons feels like home

Four Seasons Las Vegas is not nearly as grand as properties such as the Wynn/Encore or the Venetian/Palazzo. We think the team at Four Seasons could even agree that the property is significantly less opulent than these resorts.

However, Four Seasons offers a simple elegance and “home” feel that other properties struggle to rival.

One of the major reasons you’ll feel at home here is the same reason you’ll feel at home at any Four Seasons property: the service. Four Seasons has unparalleled customer service and with the small environment, the team will quickly make you feel like family. Four Seasons are the gold standard for hospitality and are world renowned for their hospitality and customer service. Four Seasons have ruined us. They make many other 5 star resorts seem like 3-4 star properties.

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Four Seasons Las Vegas is away from the madness

The resort is “technically” on the strip, but it may as well be just off. The property is located on the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard (about 2-3 miles south of properties like the Venetian and Wynn).

The strip is great if you’re looking to walk around, drink (or smoke weed bowl in public, and casino hop. However, for us, it’s nice to be away from the madness. The proximity of the property to the nucleus of Las Vegas’ debauchery is perfect. It’s close enough, but far enough away. For what it’s worth, the “Strip” ends at about MGM. Four Seasons is just south of that, conveniently a short drive to McCarran Airport.

As expected, the Strip View rooms also provide travelers views that you can’t get when you’re staying in the center of the strip. You have, almost, a direct line of view down the strip; offering a similar view that you’ll see in many helicopter flyover shots from the south.

couples coordinates best resort in las vegas for couples four seasons las vegas spa

couples coordinates best resort in las vegas for couples four seasons las vegas spa coed area

Four Seasons spa

If you’ve read our blog discussing the best spa in the world, then you already know that Four Seasons has some of the most incredible spas on Earth. Fortunately for you, the property at Las Vegas also has a spa. The spa is much smaller and not nearly as exquisite as the Bora Bora spa, but the treatment was nonetheless incredible. My masseuse, Heather, had the hands of an angel. A strong, yet gentle, angel. Four Seasons has a knack for recruiting and training – in my opinion – the best massage therapists in the world. Heather gave me a deep muscle massage and some awesome hip/shoulder stretches that relieved a lot of stress I had built up standing and walking all week.

In the spa you’ll find a room to relax, showers, and a steam room that was perfect to relax in after the massage was finished. The treatments aren’t cheap, but hey, it’s Las Vegas. A simple latte will run you $7-10.

couples coordinates best resort in las vegas for couples four seasons las vegas veranda breakfast avocado toast on incredible charcoal sourdough

couples coordinates best resort in las vegas for couples veranda pineapple french toast four seasons las vegas

couples coordinates best resort in las vegas for couples four seasons las vegas veranda mahi mahi tacos


Ever have mahi-mahi tacos at an Italian restaurant in the middle of the desert? No? You should. Veranda has incredible Italian food, breakfast, and healthy bites like mahi-mahi tacos. We have never been to a FS property that has bad food, and FS LV is no exception. Veranda is easily one of our favorite places to dine in Las Vegas thanks to the quality of the food and the breadth of the menu.

couples coordinates best resort in las vegas for couples veranda dining room

No casino and NO smoke

It only takes a few hours for our lungs to hate us when we get to Vegas. The dryness of the desert coupled with cigarette smoke and recycled air put a full court press on our sinuses and our lungs. Alex has asthma and I’ve got some breathing problem that I can’t quite figure out (she thinks it’s post nasal drip). Regardless, being in a resort that isn’t filled with smoke (and doesn’t even allow smoking) is a Godsend. Most resorts in Las Vegas are centered around a casino that is the nucleus of the property. You’re forced to walk through it to leave or return to your room, to find a restaurant, or even to grab a coffee in the morning.

At FS LV, you have the convenience of a casino (at Mandalay Bay) but get to avoid it if you so choose. When you’re in the elevators, there is a casino floor that you can choose if you’d like to visit the Mandalay Bay casino. The properties are connected, so don’t worry about a long walk. Since we don’t gamble, however, it’s nice to have the lobby be nothing more than an open sitting space, caffe, and a couple of restaurants that surround the pool area.

couples coordinates best resort in las vegas for couples four seasons las vegas fitness center gym

Great for kids…although I didn’t see any

Four Seasons Las Vegas is connected to the Mandalay Bay which happens to have the best pools for kids in Las Vegas. There are a number of pools including a wave pool and there’s even a sandy section in which to lounge. FS has a private pool, but also has access to these pools at Mandalay. This provides a great option for parents traveling with children. Although I didn’t see children during my stay, I feel that FS LV would be a great place for the family.

Like Four Seasons?

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