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The Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Seattle



Traveling for business is a bit different than traveling for pleasure. Generally, a few things take priority over pleasure: cost and convenience. But why compromise when you can have the best of both worlds? Four Seasons Seattle is without a doubt best hotel for business travelers in Seattle because they have found a way for travelers to enjoy a convenient and cost friendly 5-star hotel that affords all the pleasures of home.

When traveling for business, a few things are top of mind for me. Of course, fast wifi and accessibility to the airport are imperative, but there are a few other key points that truly separate good and great business hotels: restaurant(s) at the hotel, proximity to other attractions in the city, quality fitness center, pool/jacuzzi, spa, comfort of home, etc.

These are all incredibly important in their own way. Feeling at home is, to me, even more important than having fast wifi or being within a short drive of the airport. When you’re away from home, it is nice to have hospitality and comfort that make you feel as if you’re in a home away from home. The FS property in Seattle has done a wonderful job to ensure that guests feel completely at home. As expected, unrivaled hospitality is complemented by a hotel design that is as welcoming as the employees. Warm fireplaces, comfortable seating and an intimate restaurant invite travelers to not only be efficient from a business perspective, but also offer the ability to decompress after a long day of meetings. If you’re traveling to Seattle for business, you’ll want to check out Four Seasons for a myriad of reasons:

More business budget friendly than you’d think

Four Seasons has built the best collection of resorts around the world. Not sure that can even be argued against. They are, admittedly, generally very expensive. But hey, what else can you expect out of a 5-star resort? Fortunately for you and your business case (i.e. Getting your boss to let you expense this hotel), FS Seattle is fairly priced. Rooms start around $350 a night.

Four Seasons Spa

Four Seasons and spa could honestly be synonyms. The property at Seattle offers travelers a wonderful opportunity to decompress and treat oneself to a massage, facial, or other relaxing treatment. What better than a lovely massage after a long flight, slew of meetings, or both?

Pool and rooftop terrace

If you’d prefer to save the money and opt out of a massage, the rooftop terrace on the 4th floor is another lovely place to decompress. Here, you’ll find a pool, jacuzzi, fireplace, and one of the best places to watch the sunset in Seattle.

24-Hour fitness center

Being able to stay up on my workout schedule while traveling is probably the #1 most important thing for me…especially when traveling for business. Being able to destress while also keeping up a solid workout regiment is crucial for me. Alex and I have written extensively about the importance of maintaining a routine while traveling and have highlighted how to stay healthy while traveling on the blog in the past. FS Seattle offers a gym with 8 cardio machines, cables, weighted machines, and a set of dumbbells that maxes out at 50 lbs. The gym is juxtaposed perfectly next to the pool and rooftop terrace to provide guests a lovely view during their workouts. It is also filled with a couple large TVs that came in clutch during the World Series when I was limited on workout time.

Comfort of home (or better)

The beds. Oh, the beds. Four Seasons invariably offers the best beds and pillows you’ll find at any hotel. You think this is a joke? There are few things worse in business than getting a shitty night sleep right before you have to present to a boardroom of CxO. Depending on your living situation, the bed, the rainfall shower and jacuzzi size bathtub, the fireplaces littered through the property, and the family-style hospitality, you’ll likely find yourself as comfortable as at home or perhaps marginally more comfortable.

Proximity to attractions

Four Seasons literally sits just above Pike Place Market. Within walking distance, you’ll also find the Space Needle, Pioneer Square, and many other famous attractions in Seattle. You’ll also be a VERY short drive from CenturyLink and Safeco Field should you have time to catch a Seahawks or Mariners game.

Aside from attractions, FS is incredibly close to the local highways and is easy to reach from any point in town.

Now, doesn’t that sound a lot better than a Courtyard Marriott for $250 a night? Seriously…the Courtyard starts around $250 a night…..

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