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May 19, 2016
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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

We get a lot of questions around how to stay healthy while traveling, so we thought we would put together a piece on how we stay healthy while traveling.

Of course, indulgence is part of travel; especially couples travel.  Food, wine, beer, whatever it may be…it’s natural to let go of your health and fitness regimen when you travel.  Follow these tips and you’ll be able to stay in great shape and still enjoy your travels to the fullest.

How to stay healthy while traveling:

-Walk the city-

There’s no better way to learn a city than to walk the streets.  When we visit new cities, and even when we lived in Florence, we walk an average of about 10 miles per day.  You get to see the historic centers and local neighborhoods alike all while learning the city and burning a ton of calories.


-Opt for the healthier option-

Italian food, for example is generally thought of to be only pizza and pasta.  That’s incredibly far from the truth.  Yes, they are staples, but there are other options of course.  For instance, one can enjoy awesome chicken, pork, fish, and lean beef entrees along with some veggies when in Italy.  You’ll find it simple to eat healthy in certain locations (particularly islands with great seafood and fruit).


Take a hike!-

We love hiking and outdoor activities!  We try to get out and hike as often as possible.  Connecting with nature is something super important for us and is always a great way to experience a destination you’re visiting.  If you’re in a location where there are no mountains/hills, then rent a bike or a kayak.  Get out and get active.

-Cook meals-

Venture to the local farmers markets or grocery stores and get food to cook at your apartment (if you leverage Airbnb).

We love having a private apartment with a kitchen when we travel.  Not only does this enable us to eat healthier, but also it enables us to feel more like locals and interact with locals at the market.  This might be more of a fit for couples travel but it is also a viable option if you’re traveling in a group with your friends, or even solo if you feel like pampering yourself.

-Find a local gym-

Most places you’ll visit will have local gyms that count on tourists for revenue.  Find a gym and make some local friends. We made friends with the people at each of the gyms we used for more than a few days while traveling.  Generally you can find something for about $10-15 a day.


-Practice yoga-

Yoga is awesome because you can literally do it just about anywhere.  One can keep his or her body and mind in shape without even requiring a gym.  Yoga is something everyone should do while traveling and is also a great way to learn bits of another language.

-Do bodyweight circuits and fitness videos-

Exercise videos might seem cheesy, but they’re awesome for travelers.  If you have a hotel room, you have enough room to do some circuits/bodyweight exercises/exercise videos.  The workout above (designed by Nate Green) is the perfect hotel room workout.  Nate Green runs one of the most innovative fitness companies on the planet.

Other great options are videos like P90x, Jillian Michaels, etc.

Do you guys have any travel fitness/nutrition tips?  Share them below.  We are always looking for new stuff to incorporate into our routines.


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