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Something Everyone Should Do While Traveling


Whether you already practice or it’s something that you’ve never tried, yoga is something anyone can do and is honestly a life saver while traveling. Michael and I love to practice acroyoga (partner yoga) together while we travel and are always looking for new studios on the road.





Yoga is such an integral part of my life and is the direction I’ve decided to take my career. During our journey this year I decided to spend 1 of our 2 months in Bali doing an intensive yoga teacher training course and became a certified yoga instructor! Now that Southern California is again our home base, I’m excited to teach private lessons and work with a number of the best studios in Los Angeles.

Considering my passion for yoga, especially while traveling around the world, I’ve decided to share my top reasons why everyone should do yoga while traveling!



-De stress-

Sitting on a plane, bus or whatever form of transportation you’re taking is not only uncomfortable but also puts stress on your body. Not to mention the mental stress that can occur while traveling! Packing, making flights when you’re running behind, navigating a new city, you name it, it all can add up and create a stressful situation while traveling. Incorporating yoga into our traveling has been one of the biggest life savers when it comes to releasing stress and enjoying whatever situation we are faced with.


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-Connect and make new friends-

The yoga community is so amazing when it comes to connection with likeminded individuals! One of the best ways to make friends while traveling is finding the local yoga studio and connecting with people in your class.
Outfits by www.carbon38.com




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-Workout and stay fit while traveling-

When your constantly on the go it can be hard to keep a steady workout routine. Keeping up with your own personal practice or finding a new studio wherever you are in the world are fun and fulfilling ways to stay healthy and fit while traveling. I always bring some yoga clothes and my travel mat with me! My go to site for all of the best brands in yoga clothing is Carbon38. You can see some of my favorite pants from their site in the picture above. Check them out here!


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-Learn a new language-

If you’re taking a yoga class in a foreign country then chances are the class with be taught in the native language. Embrace it! Taking classes in a different language can actually help you learn new words and retain the language you’re learning. Not to mention it is so much fun! Yoga is so universal that you don’t need to understand what the teacher is saying in order to follow along. On top of the local language, you might also learn a bit of Sanskrit as each of the yoga asanas are named in Sanskrit! Some teachers prefer to use all Sanskrit for the poses while others prefer a mix or even perhaps only the local language.



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-Find Gratitude-

Sometimes you just need time to yourself to reflect and find gratitude. Experiencing a new place or culture is such an amazing, (but sometimes overwhelming) experience, so it’s important to stop and really appreciate all that you are encountering. Yoga will enable you to further find gratitude not only for the new place and people you are meeting, but also for yourself.


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