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How to Get To Positano

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How to get to Positano

Many travelers jump with excitement when booking a trip to the Amalfi Coast but then quickly realize there isn’t a train to Positano. Navigating your way to the Amalfi Coast is a bit challenging. Most travelers struggle to figure out how to get to Positano and find themselves Googling, “How to get to the Amalfi Coast,” or “How to get to Positano.” Well, good news! We have traveled to the Amalfi Coast a number of times and have 3 suggestions for you on how to get to Positano.

We have traveled to Positano (and other parts of the Amalfi Coast) almost half a dozen times. Each time we have used a different form of transportation to arrive in Positano. Each form of transportation has both pros and cons. We will explore the costs and benefits below while assessing each form of transportation.

Read our Positano Travel Guide for suggestions on where to eat, where to stay, and what to do in Positano.


How to get to Positano from Naples

Naples is the closest major city to the seaside town of Positano. There is no airport or train station in Positano, so travelers will have to take one of the following forms of transportation to reach Positano:

1. Drive from Naples to Positano

Our favorite way to get to Positano is to drive from Naples. We usually rent a car from one of the companies around Napoli Centrale (Naples Central train station) and then drive to Positano. Driving from Naples to Positano takes about 90 minutes.

Pros: You have a car, which provides freedom. You can travel at your own pace (stop along the coastline, visit the other towns along the coast, and maybe even make an impromptu trip back to Naples if you’re craving pizza for dinner.

Cons: Well, you have to drive in Naples. There is no simple way to put this…driving in Naples is nothing like driving in a typical urban city. You’ll encounter 4-way intersections without traffic signals or stop signs, dogs and babies on Vespas, and drivers who break just about every traffic law. If you’re not incredibly comfortable with your driving skills, do NOT rent a car and drive in Naples. The only other con that comes to mind is that you have to pay something like €20-25/day to park in Positano.

Typically, you can find a rental car in Naples for about €30/day. This makes driving to Positano one of the cheapest ways to get to Positano. Renting a car in Naples and driving to Positano is our preferred form of transportation.

2. Positano Shuttle

The first time we ever visited Positano we chose to hire a private car through the Positano Shuttle company. The rates are quite reasonable, starting at €35/person/way. Round trip service is €70/person. This option is both comfortable and relaxing. We loved this option, but prefer to have a rental car. If you choose to hire the Positano Shuttle, you’ll be able to use the local public bus to visit the other towns along the coast. We prefer to mitigate dealing with bus timetables, avoid huge crowds, and have the freedom to explore as we please with a rental car.

Pros: Private driver, relaxing, luxurious, no need to pay for parking, easy, peace of mind (not having to drive in Naples), relatively cheap.

Cons: You don’t have a rental car and the cost is a bit more than renting a car.

3. Train to Amalfi Coast + Bus to Positano

You can actually reach Positano with a combination of trains and buses. We used this form of transportation once and will probably never use it again. The reason we used it? It’s cheap.

From Naples, you’ll train to Vietri Sul Mare (the southernmost town on the Amalfi Coast near Salerno). From Vietri Sul Mare, you’ll be able to take the public bus to Positano.

The train from Naples to Vietri Sul Mare requires you to change trains in Salerno. So, from Naples, train to Salerno and then on to Vietri Sul Mare (VSM). The trip (including changing trains) should take only about an hour. From VSM, take the public bus to Positano. The bus ride takes about 2.5 hours.

Pros: The only pro is that this is the cheapest option.

Cons: Everything. This is a massive waste of time and not worth the money you save. The total trip time will be about triple the length of the drive from Naples to Positano. You’ll also be dependent upon public transportation for your trips as you won’t have a rental car.

Bonus #4: Ferry to Positano

There is an indirect route to Positano that we have never taken. From Naples, you can take a ferry to Capri, change ferries, and take a ferry to Positano. Alex tends to get seasick, so we avoid sea transportation if at all possible.

The ferry from Naples to Capri costs €20 and will take about 1 hour. From Capri, you’ll be able to reach Positano in only 30 minutes. Sure, you’ll have to take things into consideration like changing ferries and timetables that might delay you a bit, but this is a great option for those who want to avoid being in a car. Or, if you want to have a nice Capri day trip you can do so without having to spend the night on Capri. Capri is a gorgeous island and worth a trip if you have enough time on the Amalfi Coast. It is, admittedly, touristy and crowded if you don’t know where you’re going.

At the end of the day, DRIVE from Naples to Positano. Whether you rent a car or choose to hire a private car, DRIVE. The fastest way to get to Positano is simply to drive and the money you’d save to take the train and the bus simply doesn’t compensate for the amount of time it takes.

If you’re traveling with your partner, here are some romantic things to do in Positano.

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