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Romantic Things to do in Positano: Positano Travel Guide


Ok, we have talked about this before, but we are going to officially coin and (later) trademark something: The Couple’s Coordinates Trifecta. We have yet to refer to it in such a formal way, but we have touched on the subject in previous blogs. The 3 things that always are present in our favorite places we visit are good people, good food, and good views. Positano, Italy is the epitome of the Couple’s Coordinates Trifecta with some of the most aesthetically beautiful views on Earth, Michelin Star restaurants that will ruin you (in a good way) for the rest of your life, and people that make you feel like family. Our guide to Positano is sure to make you want to visit, and will hopefully make your trip a bit more enjoyable and easy! Below you’ll find romantic things to do in Positano, where to eat in Positano, where to stay in Positano and some awesome photos from a few of our trips to Positano.


Romantic things to do in Positano (Positano travel guide)

-How to get to Positano-

Want to visit the Amalfi Coast but not sure how to get to Positano? Getting to Positano is the most challenging part about visiting. Positioned on the side of a mountain along the Amalfi Coast, Positano is not incredibly easy to reach. There is no train that runs directly to Positano. There are 4 viable ways to get to Positano (and we have tried all but one of them):

  1. Positano Shuttle – A driver will meet you near platform 16 at Napoli Centrale (Naples Central train station) and drive you to Positano. The cost is €35/person/way. So, €70 round trip per person.
  2. Rent a car – The price to rent a car for a few days is about the same as the cost of the shuttle for 2 people. If you have more than 2 people, it might make sense to rent a car. Having a car will also provide autonomy in visiting the other towns along the Amalfi Coast. We usually rent a car when we visit. However, be very careful. The roads are extremely narrow and dangerous, but havinng a car provides flexibility that enables you to experience more romantic things to do in Positano like cruising the coast, going on date nights in neighboring towns, etc.
  3. Train + Bus – The cheapest way to get to Positano is to train to Vietri Sul Mare and then take a bus to Positano. This takes longer and is a pain in the ass, but it is the cheapest option.
  4. Boat – From Naples, you can take a ferry to Positano – this is the one option we have not tried


-Where to stay in Positano-

Le Sirenuse or Hotel Marincanto

These are 2 of the most popular and most expensive properties in Positano. They have gorgeous vies of the town, beautiful pools, and are luxurious all the way around. If you have a ton of money to spend, consider them. If not, the rest of our suggestions are budget friendly. We have our secret spots that we love and don’t share, simply because Positano is always so difficult to book. Typically, you’ll want to book 4-6 months in advance.

couples_coordinates_romantic things to do in positano

couples_coordinates_michael_diving_positano_romantic things to do in positano


Airbnb is invariably a good decision. We have spent about 7 total months in Airbnbs over the last year and have had wonderful experiences about 99% of the time. Click the link here to sign up for an account and you’ll receive a $35 credit toward your first booking of $100 or more. Essentially you’ll be able to spend a night in Positano for a whopping total of $65. Boom. Great success.

-Best restaurants in Positano-

Da Vincenzo

Da Vincenzo is definitely our favorite restaurant in Positano and easily in our top 5 favorite restaurants in the world. Yes, we realize that’s a bold statement.

La Taverna Del Leone

There is a reason that La Taverna Del Leone has been in business for 51 years. It is a bit outside of town, but it’s well worth the 15-minute drive.

Vinni e Panini

For a great wine selection and delicious panini.

We also love Il Fornillo, Ristorante Saraceno D’Oro, Casa e Bottega, and many others.


-Romantic things to do in Positano-

  • Get engaged! Well, maybe this one is a stretch. Maybe not though!
  • Hire a boat from Grassi Junior: Positano is most beautiful from the water. Be sure to rent a boat or hire one with a skipper so you can see the town the right way. We recently used Grassi Junior Positano for a gorgeous tour of the Amalfi Coast and they were fantastic! They’re also cheaper than many of the other companies on the pier.
  • Rent kayaks and row around the town. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most gorgeous stretches of coastline in the world, so being able to see it from a different perspective will blow your mind. Not to mention, being able to view the full town of Positano from the water is one of the most breathtaking views we have ever seen. Be sure to get adventurous find random private beaches along the coast. You’re able to access locations on a kayak or boat that tourists can’t get to by feet.
  • Rent a chair/umbrella at a private beach. Enjoy a nice aperitivo – order a bottle of wine, some cheese, fruit, etc.
  • Pizza in Naples: You’ll likely end up flying or training into Napoli, so you might as well spend a few hours there and have the best pizza you’ll find anywhere in the world.
  • Take a ferry to Capri and explore the gorgeous island. Check out our guide on how to plan a day trip to Capri.
  • Visit Amalfi and the surrounding towns on the coast. There are so many romantic places for couples in Positano!
  • Walk the coast and find secluded locations: If kayaking isn’t your cup of tea, walk the coastline and look for staircases to remote beaches or even a nice lookout.
  • Path of the gods hike – we love this hike so much that we actually wrote a guide on hiking the Path of the Gods
  • Dance on the beach at sunset – What better way to enjoy the sunset than dancing with your partner on the beach in Positano?



-Best time to visit Positano-

“Summer” (May – September) to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere is typically the best time to visit Positano but is also high season. The weather is best, but of course, the prices are going to be quite a bit more expensive. Good weather means way more romantic things to do in Positano! Travel mid week if at all possible, because to be quite honest, you’re not going to be concerned with nightlife. Positano is all about enjoying wonderful food, wine, and people while being enveloped by the most magical coastline on Earth.

couples_coordinates_positano_romantic_things_to_do_in_positano_walk on the beach

-Helpful Italian phrases-

Ciao – Hello

Buon giorno – Hello

Come stai? – How are you? (Informal)

Come sta? – How are you? (Formal)

Bene – Good

Ciao – Goodbye (see, this is easy)

Vorrei ____ – I would like ____

Posso avere _____? – May I have _____?

Grazie – Thank you

Prego – You’re welcome

Parli inglese? – Do you speak English?

Dov’è ______? – Where is _____?

-Transportation in Positano-

  • Taxis
  • Rent a scooter
  • Walk
  • Bus

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