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5 Romantic Places for Couples on the Amalfi Coast

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Our affinity for the Amalfi Coast has probably become quite evident to you if you’ve been a Couple’s Coordinates reader for any period of time.  If you’ve driven the road that wraps the Costiera Amalfitana you’re well aware of why the UNESCO considers the coastline a World Heritage Site.  From Positano to Vietri Sul Mare, the coast is covered in luscious greenery, breathtaking cliffs, gorgeous blue sea, and unique Italian architecture.  Given the length of the coast, we thought we would offer some of our favorite places for couples along gorgeous 40 kilometer stretch.  You literally can’t go wrong on the Amalfi Coast, but here are…

5 Romantic Places for Couples on the Amalfi Coast



Positano – Beach

Well, what can we say?  Being that we recently got engaged on Positano Beach (near La Scogliera), we are quite partial to this pebble covered beach.  With one of the best views of the town of Positano, the far side of the beach is one of the most romantic locations on the Amalfi Coast and also one of the best locations to watch sun set in Positano.

couples_coordinates_5_romantic_places_for_couples_on_the_amalfi coast_positano_proposal_engagement

Grab a bottle of wine and some panini from Vini & Panini and head down to the beach for a romantic sunset picnic with your partner.

For more information on Positano, check out our Positano Travel Guide.

(If you ever have any photography needs while in Positano, be sure to reach out to the amazing Foto Aminta.  They captured our engagement and took us for an impromptu engagement shoot directly after.)



Atrani – Beach and Town

Atrani is arguably the most overlooked town on the Amalfi Coast.  Typically fellow travelers will tell us that they visited Positano or Amalfi when on the Amalfi Coast.  However, we have not heard from a single friend who has taken time to explore the gorgeous town of Atrani.  Atrani is an absolute hidden gem on the Amalfi coast.

One simply needs to make his or her way through the tunnel that connects Amalfi and Atrani and he or she will arrive.  It literally takes about 10 minutes to walk (which you should absolutely do, because the traffic you’d sit in if you opted for a cab would easily double that time).

Both the beach and the quaint town of Atrani are spectacular.  The town, similar to the rest of the Amalfi Coast towns, is built into the sky high mountains enveloping the coastline.  The town itself is almost a cliché out of an Italian movie.  It is tiny.  We honestly might have been the only tourists in town during our stay.  The rest of the individuals we encountered were locals who seemed to be almost confused by our presence.

The beach offers access to the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea with a breathtaking view of Atrani behind you.  The highway passes through Atrani on a bridge that seems to be about 30 meters above the beach, so you’ll be able to see travelers pass through as you lie on the beach.



Amalfi – Pier

What better way to take in the beauty of a beach town than to have a 180 degree view of her?  Walking out toward the end of the pier in Amalfi offers a panoramic view of the entire town along with the encompassing mountains.  Plus, the pier makes you and your partner feel as if you’re on a peninsula, completely surrounded by the deep blue sea.


Ravello – Terrazzo di Infinita

Ravello is the town you’ve seen on virtually every travel/photography Instagram account you follow but also the town you’ve never actually made it to.  Ravello sits way up in the mountains, overlooking the Amalfi Coast.  One of our favorite memories from our most recent trip to the Amalfi Coast was our hike from Atrani up to Ravello.  If you start in town, there are signs that direct your toward the gorgeous town.  Google Maps walking directions are actually quite helpful as well.


The final destination for our hike was the Terrazzo di Infinita, translated Terrace of Infinity.  The name is fitting as one feels as he or she can see the end of the Earth in almost every direction.

Ravello is an absolute must for anyone spending more than a couple days on the Amalfi Coast!



Positano – On a boat!

Positano is one of our favorite places on Earth.  We have almost beaten this horse dead.  However, one thing we have never written about is how incredible it is to hire a boat and cruise around the coast of Positano.  We will let the pictures do the talking here.

Be sure to hire a boat from our favorite company in Positano, Lucibello.

We also feature the Amalfi Coast in our Best Destinations For Couples blog.

Have you been to the Amalfi Coast?  Where are your favorite spots along the coastline?


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