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48 Hours In Cefalu: Weekend Travel Guide


Our most recent trip to Europe spanned almost a month.  However, most of our stops were no more than 48 hours seeing that we moved around the continent and visited 6 countries spread between western, central, and eastern Europe. The time that we spent in Cefalu was not a large amount of time, but Cefalu is also not an incredibly large city.  Cefalu is one of the most unique towns on the Sicilian island, and seeing as it is only about an hour from the Palermo airport, it is an absolute must for anyone visiting Sicily on a short schedule.


This Cefalu weekend travel guide will be perfect for anyone looking to visit Palermo and the surrounding areas for a quick trip, and especially for those of you reading this who are studying abroad in Europe and are looking for an awesome weekend trip.

Here are our suggestions on what to eat, what to see, and what to do with 48 hours in Cefalu, Sicily.  

This is your Cefalu weekend travel guide.


How to get there:

 Fly into Palermo > Taxi to Palermo Centrale > Train to Cefalu

 If you’re in the north of Italy, chances are you’ll fly.  Italy isn’t that largest country in the world, but from top to bottom it is pretty long.  Traveling from as far as Milan should only take about an hour while trips from Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Rome, and Naples will all clock in under an hour.  We flew from Naples and were in the air for about 10 minutes before they announced our descent.

Fly into the Palermo airport.  When you reach the Palermo airport you’ll be bombarded by taxi drivers looking to get you in a taxi for about 7 euro per person.  This is probably the easiest option unless cost is ultimately your main driver.  If the latter is true, take the bus for about 2 euro/person.  Either the taxi or bus will take you to Palermo Centrale (main railway station).  From here, take a short train to Cefalu.


Where to stay:

 B&B Pepito

Often times when we travel we become quite partial to places we stay, places we eat, etc.  We chose a location called B&B Pepito for a number of reasons:  proximity to the beach, sea view, view of La Rocca, and quite honestly, price.  It is not an infrequent occurrence for us to choose accommodation and end up regretting our decision.  However, it is also not uncommon that we luck out and love our host/location.

For about $100/night you’ll enjoy the sea/Rocca view, free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and a host who acts more like your new Sicilian grandfather than an B&B host.  His name is Mauro.  You’re sure to love him – and you’re also sure to love the wine he makes!

You can book B&B Pepito on and review the property on Trip Advisor.






Where to eat:

 Il Normanno

 Hands down the best restaurant in town.  Both Mauro and other locals suggested this to be the case and after eating here (twice) we can attest to this.  Il Normanno offers a modern twist on traditional Sicilian food.  Expect slow service (albeit still nice servers), but sit on the patio and just enjoy the beauty of Cefalu.  Order a nice bottle of wine and you’ll slowly start to care less and less about the lack of urgency.  Honestly, this place is one of our favorite restaurants we have found anywhere in the world.

Ti Vitti

Our favorite pick for pizza and calzones in Cefalu sits on the sea front and even offers craft beers!  Take a walk toward the restrooms in the back and you can check out the pizza making station as well.

Whatever you do….do not leave Sicily without having a handmade cannolo!



 What to do:

  • Climb La Rocca
  • Enjoy the beach
  • Explore the old town
  • Cefalu Cathedral
  • Check out the street markets




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