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May 11, 2016
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May 11, 2016
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20 Best Destinations for Couples Travel

Any destination could arguably be suitable for someone traveling solo or someone traveling with a significant other. However, there are undoubtedly destinations around the world that are enhanced by visiting with your partner in crime.

Whether you’ve visited these destinations solo or with your family before, make sure to find time to revisit them with your significant other. The romance simply emanates and makes for a incredibly love filled adventure in our best destinations for couples.


Gili Meno, Indonesia



There is a reason why they call Gili Meno the Honeymoon island of the Gili Island archipelago. White sand beaches encompass a tiny island filled with the most friendly locals you’ll ever meet. With beautiful views, relaxing beaches, wonderful people, and delicious seafood, there isn’t much missing for a couple. Our best suggestion is to lay on the beach, relax, and do nothing else. Just enjoy one another’s company.


Amsterdam, Netherlands



Amsterdam combines love and passion with fun and exhilaration. It is easily one of the most fun cities we have ever visited and also one of the most aesthetically pleasing. Amsterdam is the perfect trip for any couple looking to have a good time! Rent bikes and ride around the city together….we promise you’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale.


Uluawtu, Bali, Indonesia




The cliff sides of Uluwatu will forever have our hearts just like the monkeys at the Uluwatu Temple will forever have our water bottles. Uluwatu is one of the most popular surf destinations in the world and is jaw-dropping gorgeous, but do be wary of the monkeys you’ll find throughout the village – they’re experts at stealing things from tourists! Make sure to rent a scooter and adventure around Uluwatu the local way. For more information check out our Bali Travel Guide.


Florence, Italy





Our second home. Tuscany is synonymous with romance and Florence is the nucleus of Tuscany. Florence is the heartbeat of Italy and the object of our affection. You’ll be hard pressed not to feel love in the air as you walk around the Renaissance city and experience the art of Michelangelo and Da Vinci first hand. Sit over the Arno river and enjoy a bottle of Brunello and or grab a cup of gelato from Gelateria de Medici or La Carraia as you stroll the streets and walk through history. Be sure to have a sunset picnic at Piazale Michelangelo and climb Gioto’s Campinile for breathtaking views of Firenze.


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia




Ubud forces you to be entirely in tune with yourself and with nature. Add a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife to that mix and you’re set for a romantic trip of a lifetime. The natural beauty and the traditional and simple way of the locals of Ubud make this one of our favorite cities on Earth. The famous rice paddies of Ubud are sure to wow you, especially when you stop and reflect upon just how beautiful a thing as simple as rice can be. Do some yoga together and if you have a chance, venture about an hour outside of town and hike Mt. Batur at sunrise.


London, England



There is something quite charming about Britain as a whole, but especially London. Victorian style homes, sophisticated locals, and incredible history make for a lovely destination for any couple. Not to mention, London is a ton of fun! There is loads to do, whether you’re looking for a history lesson, a stroll through the streets, or even a night out on the town. You’ll obviously want to check out Big Ben, Hyde Park, and many other sites all around London, so make sure to get an Oyster card and leverage the tube.


Cassis, France



Cassis is the quintessential romantic French town. Positioned between the mountains and a quaint harbor, Cassis is the small town romance every couple dreams of. The food, the people, and the views are all amazing – so Cassis earns the Couple’s Coordinates Trifecta. Don’t worry about doing “things” while you’re here. Just enjoy the views, the food, your partner, and a delicious wine from AOC Cassis.


Akrotiri, Santorini, Greece



Santorini, in and of itself, is a honeymoon dream. However, Oia and Fira can become quite crowded, so we prefer the small town of Akrotiri on the southern tip of the island. Akrotiri is positioned perfectly to see Nea Kameni (the volcano to the west of Santorini) as well as the entire west coast of the island. It makes for a great sunset watching location and offers an affordable alternative to the center of Oia. Lay by the pool and eat to your hearts content.


Positano, Italy


Oh, Positano! We literally don’t have a single negative thing to say about Positano. Not one. We haven’t been everywhere in the world, but so far Positano might take the cake for our favorite place on Earth. We actually created the Couple’s Coordinates Trifecta after visiting Positano. We were discussing, “What truly is it that makes you LOVE a destination?” What we came up with was: 1) Beautiful aesthetics/scenery, 2) Friendly locals, and 3) Delicious food. Positano not only meets these requirements, but absolutely blows them out of the water. If you’ve never been to Positano, plan your trip now. No, seriously…go to Skyscanner, book your flight, and go this summer! You’ll love renting a kayak and exploring private coves and beaches with your best friend.


Big Sur, California, United States



Big Sur is the poster child of Northern California and quite possibly the Golden Coast as a whole. The steep cliffs, enormous pine trees, and beautiful blue water challenge travelers to consider where they are. Invariably when we visit Big Sur we feel like we are in another country. It is simply so different from the traditional Southern California coastline. Check out our blog on 5 Things To Do In Big Sur for a solid list of adventures for couples!

Cinque Terre, Italy





The Cinque Terre is one of the coolest sets of towns in the world. Five incredibly unique towns make up Cinque Terre and provide travelers with five unique experiences. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare each have a sense of magic and will each provide a romantic trip for you and your loved one. Be sure to hike between Monterosso and Vernazza for a great workout as well as the most spectacular views on the Ligurian coast.





Something about how modern, clean, and safe Singapore is can be truly romantic. The city lines Marina Bay and absolutely lights up as soon as the sun goes down. Rooftop pools with views of the city will set the mood if a nice ferry ride on the bay doesn’t do the trick. Singapore also is such an international city that you’ll find cuisine from all around the world.


San Gimignano, Italy


Small town Italy is what makes Italy, Italy. Plain and simple, towns like San Gimignano take you back in time and give you the chance to feel like you’re walking through history. The town is covered with towers, reminiscent of the medieval period. The famous local wine of San Gimignao is Vernaccia and it is sure to wow you if you’re a fan of Chardonnay.


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Unfortunately you and your significant other will never know what it would have been like to have been king and queen. You’ll never know what it would be like to feel like absolute royalty. However, if you visit Dubrovnik, you might just have a chance. For those of you out there who didn’t know, King’s Landing from Game of Thrones IS Dubrovnik. Yes, you can actually walk the castle walls and feel like a king or queen in 2016. So go do it…just don’t behead anyone.

Nice, France


Nice was our home for about a month when we were in the South of France last summer. You’ll find Nice to have a unique aspect to it when compared to other French cities and there is a good reason for that. Up until 1860, Nice was part of Italy. You’ll notice a bit of Italian touch in Nice, which adds to the absolute beauty and romance you’ll experience when you visit. Head up to the Chateau de Nice and have a picnic in the park with your partner!


Rome, Italy


What would a top destinations for couples blog be without including Rome? Roman history, architecture, food, wine, and people, all make for a wonderfully romantic trip. Walk around the city and experience thousands of years of art and architecture before you head over to Trastevere for the best pasta we have found in the world at Da Enzo.


Munich, Germany


As a city Munich is absolutely gorgeous. The fun German culture is a wonderful addition and makes for a great destination for couples. Maybe you’ll even plan a trip for Oktoberfest like we did? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Oktoberfest for our advice on the festival!


Tokyo, Japan


The madness and chaos that you’ll see in Tokyo are some of the best managed and well organized out of any city in the world. Head over to Shibuya Crossing and stop time as you kiss in the middle of a street that hundreds if not thousands of people are crossing at the same time. Oh, and enjoy a sushi date of course!


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia



If the creators of the movie Avatar didn’t get at least a minor bit of creative idea from Plitvice Lakes we would be surprised. We have said this over and over again and we will say it again: Plitvice Lakes does not seem real. It simply doesn’t. Your jaw will literally be on the ground the whole day as you walk through the park. Be sure to rent a boat (early in the morning to avoid the crowd) and row around the lakes.


Monte Carlo, Monaco


The funny, and honestly quite romantic thing, about Monaco is that it is such a tiny country but it is filled with such large casinos, resorts, and yachts. Monaco is truly one of a kind and is an absolute must for any couple. Treat yourselves to a bottle of champagne and hike up to the top of the hill near the harbor to find this picture frame for some great pictures.



  1. Julian says:

    Some truly nice spots there! Will definitely be visiting some of those areas this year. Many thanks for the inspiration.

  2. My wife and had a pretty rough year last year and we are starting to bounce back. Well, with it being a new year, we both feel that it would be healthy if we got out and traveled a little bit and saw the world. We weren’t really sure where to go though, but after looking at some of these amazing destinations, we have some places we would like to plan on seeing. We both are feeling that we should start with Florence Italy and we can’t wait to get the process going.

    • That is so awesome to hear that you’re not only bouncing back but also planning such an awesome trip. If you need a more detailed list of things to do in Florence, email me from the “Work with us” page and I’ll reply with a very detailed guide that we will eventually feature on the blog.

  3. Shouvik says:

    Thanks for sharing so many amazing destination ideas. Was planning for a Rome, Italy tour, but now I’m pretty much curious about Plitvice Lake, Croatia after reading this article. Can anyone suggest how to book for the trip to the Lake?

    • Oh absolutely! So glad to help inspire you. For Plitvice, you don’t particularly need to plan anything….just show up at the entrance just before it opens. This will mitigate heavy crowds. Look for an Airbnb outside of the park and rent a car for ease.

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