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Best Beaches in Aruba

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Aruba is a small Dutch island nation that is encompassed by beautiful white sand beaches. The size of Aruba makes it easy to discover hidden beaches and remote areas on the island with a little help from a rental car. Let us make a disclaimer: we understand that everyone has personal preferences and that “best” and “most beautiful” are relative terms. However, after exploring the entirety of the island of Aruba, we feel confident in our list of the most beautiful beaches in Aruba.

Best Beaches in Aruba





Daimari Beach

We love beaches that are difficult to reach and desolate. Daimari beach is the most secluded beach we found in Aruba and is also the most beautiful. The white sand beaches along the coast here are enveloped by cliffs made of coral reef and crystal clear blue ocean water.
If you follow directions to Daimari Beach, you’ll arrive at Daimari Ranch. The main beach area here is great, but the actual beach that we are talking about requires a bit of walking. Follow the trail up to the right and continue through the sand dunes until you reach what looks like the beach level from Crash Team Racing. There is a massive rock in the center of the ocean that is seemingly almost it’s own miniature island. We had this beach to ourselves both times we visited and we absolutely loved it!
**Note** Be careful driving down the dirt road as there are lots of holes that can be difficult to manage if you have a small rental car like we did.

Boca Grandi

If you’re a kite surfer, you’ve likely heard of Boca Grandi. It’s known as the best kite surfing beach in the Caribbean. The winds come across the beach in such a way that they even create small waves which are the kite surfers playground. You can take a 2-hour lesson for $120.

Arashi Beach

It’s tragic that we didn’t discover this beach until our last morning in Aruba, but hey, better late than never, right?
Arashi beach is actually about 5 minutes from the Airbnb we stayed at, so quite convenient for anyone staying near Noord (near the California Lighthouse). The beach had patches of gorgeous coral and other sections of pure crystal clear water with nothing but sand at the sea floor. The contrast between these two makes for one of the most beautiful sections of ocean on the island. Another positive note for Arashi is that it is less popular (read, not many tourists) and is protected from the famous winds of Aruba. The breeze feels nice, yet the water is still very calm.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is probably the most popular/famous beach on the island and for good reason. Part of the beach is covered with beautiful trees and coral rock while other parts are covered with beautiful white sand that stretches as far as one can see. The water here is absolutely spectacular and is quite nice for swimming.
Our only issue with Eagle Beach is how crowded it can get. The beach is lined with resorts across the street and as you might expect also has restaurants, water sports, etc. So, maybe you see this as a positive. We prefer to be more secluded, but if you’re looking to take out a jet ski or grab a drink, this might be a benefit for you.


Baby Beach

Baby Beach is gorgeous and definitely quite unique. The name is fitting, as the coral break wall makes for incredibly calm waters close to shore (great for babies and children to swim). However, there is one downside – Baby Beach is very near an oil refinery. As far as we know this doesn’t affect the water quality, however, it can be an eye sore depending on where you’re sitting on the beach. It seems to be quite visible from the left half of the beach, but not so much on the right half.
P.S. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ryan!


  1. brittany says:

    How do you guys stay so fit while traveling? You guys look beautiful!

    • Well thank you very much, Brittany! It’s funny that you ask that, because when we first launched Couple’s Coordinates we posted a lot of stuff focussed around health, hikes, fitness, etc. Our original goal was to build a blog that taught people how to be healthy and fit while traveling, but after a few months we determined that 1) pigeon holed us and narrowed our audience to far too niche of a group of people and 2) was actually REALLY difficult to do lol.

      Check out this blog we wrote on how to stay healthy while traveling.

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