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April 1, 2017
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Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide



Every once in a while (read: about once a month), we are filled with the spirit of spontaneity and immediately feel the need to book a random trip.  Back in January, we were mid-air somewhere over Texas on our way to Cuba, when we decided we wanted to spend Valentine’s Day somewhere warm and beautiful. Within about 5 minutes of searching for flights, we decided Cabo was the spot. Both of us had been to Mexico previously, but somehow, neither of us had made it to Cabo. Flights were pretty cheap – about $300/person RT on Delta (between LAX and Cabo) and fortunately we had enough Delta gift cards and miles laying around to make this trip cost something like $4. Let’s take a second to make a quick disclaimer:  If you’re looking for a Cabo party guide, a Cabo beach party guide, a Cabo bar guide, a Cabo night club guide, then this is not a blog for you. This blog is simply a Cabo travel guide, outlining our favorite food in Cabo, the best hotels in Cabo, the best outdoor activities to do in Cabo, etc. We spent a romantic few days relaxing at the beach and exploring the side of Cabo that most people never see.


I sea you 🌊

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Cabo Travel Guide

Best Restaurants in Cabo

Living in Los Angeles, we are quite spoiled when it comes to Mexican food. However, even we had our minds blown a couple times in Cabo. The geographical position as the southernmost point in Baja California means that there is an abundance of seafood. The peninsula is surrounded by schools of fish, whales migrating (obviously not going to be your dinner), and many more species of sea life.

Of the number of meals we ate, our absolute favorite meal was our dinner at Los Tres Gallos.

  1. Los Tres Gallos – If you want authentic Mexican food, this is your spot. If the outdoor patio’s ambiance doesn’t set the mood, the homemade chips and margaritas definitely will. There isn’t a chance you can go wrong with your order, but we HIGHLY suggest you order the tacos del mar, which comes with a trio of tacos: 1 lobster, 1 scallop, and 1 shrimp. The platter is adorned with homemade guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa, etc. We both agree that these are without a doubt the best tacos we have ever had in our lives. Other great options here include the pozole and the enchiladas. The habanero salsa is also a must as it is easily the most bearable and flavorful habanero salsa we have ever tried. They use orange/citrus flavors to add a bit of zest to the habanero peppers, so the salsa is both hot and tangy.


Saltwater, sunshine & you ❤

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Best Hotels in Cabo

We found a pretty kick-ass deal through our Chase Ultimate Rewards portal and were able to get a room at the Sheraton Grand Los Cabos for about 25k Chase UR points.

Other resort favorites include:

  1. The Resort at Pedregal
  2. Esperanza
  3. Grand Solmar Land’s End 
  4. The Cape
  5. ME Cabo
  6. Villa la Estancia
  7. Bahia

Best Things to do in Cabo

I think we are at a point now that we don’t need to continue to remind you that we love outdoor activities and adventures. However, for those of you who just discovered Couple’s Coordinates, 1. welcome, and 2. we love adventures! As mentioned, this isn’t going to be a list of the best bars to go for a wet t-shirt contest or ass shaking contest. Rather, here are our favorite things to do in Cabo:


    1. Hike to Land’s End – Pass through Enrique’s dog kennel, listen to his stories, and be sure to drop some pesos/USD in the tip box before you leave. The dog kennel can be found near the harbor. Walk up to the gate and Enrique will let you pass through.


Rewind to earlier this week. All this LA rain ☔️ has me longing to be back with @alexandra_carson in Cabo!

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    1. Hire a boat and cruise around El Arco – Should be about $100-150 per hour depending on how well you can negotiate and what time of day it is. If you take a boat with a bunch of other people you can expect to get prices closer to $75/80 per person.
    2. Explore the marina – For those of you who love to shop or at least walk around local shopping areas, the marina is a great place to explore. There is a wide variety of options, ranging from the likes of Rolex to local jewelry and art boutiques. You’ll also find all of the generic stores (Forever 21, etc.) that you find in the States and around parts of Western Europe.


The shore break in Cabo is no joke 🏄🏻

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  1. Swim – Be cautious of the heavy shore break, but enjoy the warm water! If you’re from LA/Southern California, you’ll be happy to know the water isn’t as cold and frigid; it’s actually quite nice.
  2. Golf – There are a plethora of beautiful golf courses spread throughout Cabo. The unique Cabo vibe is felt through many of these courses as many line the coast while still providing the desert feel of Cabo San Lucas….think Palm Springs meets the beach.
  3. Hit the spa –  Treat yourself and relax! Most resorts have at least halfway decent spas in Cabo. However, expect to pay American prices.
  4. Fish – Cabo has some of the most world-renowned fishing in the world
  5. Whale watch – You’re “almost” guaranteed to see whales in Cabo when you go out for a whale watching excursion. They have one of the best positions in the world for catching whales migrate south along the

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Cabo

  1. If you’re not planning to drink much, you might want to rent a car. Actually, even if you are planning to drink, you might be keen to rent a car simply to mitigate the cost of the taxi to and from the airport. Car rental is quite cheap, while taxis are comparable with LA/NYC prices.
  2. Don’t worry about taking out Mexican Pesos. Most places accept credit cards, and most of the places that don’t will accept US Dollars.

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