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Bali Travel Guide – Best Villages to Visit in Bali & What to Do, Eat, and See

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In preparation to move to Bali for 2 months, we did a lot of research on where to live. We read one Bali travel blog after the other.] The problem is, simply, Bali has so many gorgeous and magical villages. Everyone with a blog or travel advice online seems to be a bit biased as to which part of the island is best to live. And understandably so…you’ll fall in love with every part of the island.  Everyone has a different experience and relationship with the island of Bali, so know that that offering advice on Bali (even us) are biased based on where we lived in Bali and the experiences we had. Our Bali travel guide is meant to be as detailed and unbiased as possible, we but can’t help that we are a bit jaded by our experiences.

Bali Guide

Where is Bali?

Bali is an island in Indonesia.  Bali is positioned in the Indian Ocean, just south of the equator.  As such, travelers can expect beautiful weather year round.  Bali is a short flight away from major Asian destinations like Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Manila (making any of these great layover destinations to find more affordable flights).

couples coordinates bali travel guide


-Best Villages in Bali-


Things to do in Uluwatu

Surf! Uluwatu is surfer’s paradise because it has some of the best surf in Bali. Home to some of the best reef surf breaks and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Uluwatu is the perfect place to spend a surf trip. Depending on the swell, you should be able to find breaks with overhead surf the same day you’ll find ankle slappers at a beach just a few miles away…so surfers of all levels can enjoy! Be sure to also visit the Uluwatu Temple, but be careful….the monkeys might try to rob you!

Where to stay in Uluwatu

For a very solid budget resort check out Hidden Valley Resort


Where to eat in Uluwatu

Nalu Bowls is our favorite spot in Uluwatu. They serve the best acai and dragon bowls on the island. Aside from great food, they’re also perched a few hundred feet above Uluwatu beach so you’ll have a front row seat to some awesome surfing.


couples coordinates bali guide_4


Things to do in Sanur

Whether you’re looking for a romantic holiday on the beach or an exciting scuba diving trip, Sanur is the perfect spot. Have fun with your significant other, or even by yourself at one of the local bars. When you get tired, head over to Leha Leha for the best massage you’ll ever have…oh, and they’re about $15 for 90 minutes. You’re welcome.

If you have more than a few days in Sanur you’ll want to make a trip to the Gili Islands. You can board a ferry in Sanur and be there in about 3 hours. Check out more on the Gili Islands in our blog here.

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Where to stay in Sanur

Kolonial House. Save yourself hundreds and stay at Kolonial House where you’re sure to meet other awesome likeminded travelers by the pool. Cost should be about $30/night.

Where to eat in Sanur

Bali Buda, Charming, Three Monkeys, Malaika Secret Garden

couples coordinates bali guide_6


Things to do in Ubud

Enjoy nature! The rice terraces and rice fields surrounding Ubud are some of the most naturally beautiful things we have ever seen. Walk through the terraces and feel like a Balinese farmer for a day. Also be sure to check out the Ubud Temple.

couples coordinates bali guide_7

couples coordinates bali guide_8

Just outside of Ubud you’ll also find the Tegenungan Waterfall and if you’re willing to drive about an hour you can reach Mt. Batur for a hike on an active volcano! If you’re as avid of coffee drinkers as we are, be sure to check out a coffee plantation to try the local Luwak Coffee.

Where to stay in Ubud

Four Seasons Sayan

Kamandalu Ubud

Where to eat in Ubud

Four Seasons Sayan, Kafe, Bali Buda, Watercress Cafe

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couples coordinates bali guide 11_tegenungan_waterfall

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couples coordinates bali guide_14_canggu


What to do in Canggu

Surf, visit Tanah Lot Temple (just North), explore the rice fields, etc. Similar to Uluwatu, Canggu has some awesome surf breaks, including a sand break at Echo Beach.

couples coordinates bali guide__15

Where to stay in Canggu

Hotel Tugu or one of the local guest houses are both great options.

Where to eat in Canggu

Crate Cafe. Seriously some of the best breakfast and health food you’ll find on the island. Expect to see every single person taking pictures of their food for Instagram.

couples coordinates bali guide 16


Things to do in Jimbaran

Relax at the beach, stand up paddle in Jimbaran Bay, explore the Jimbaran Fish market (the largest fish market in Bali), and eat delicious seafood!

couples coordinates bali guide 17

Where to Stay in Jimbaran

Four Seasons Jimbaran

Where to eat in Jimbaran

Sundara at the Four Seasons Jimbaran. We ate here twice! Easily our favorite restaurant in Bali!

For more on our best resort recommendations in Bali, check out our blog on The Blonde Abroad.

-Best Beaches in Bali-

couples coordinates bali guide 18_pandawa

· Padang Padang

· Uluwatu

· Sanur

· Bingin

· Pandawa

· Tanah Lot

· Jimbaran Beach

· Nusa Dua

couples coordinates bali guide_19

-Transportation in Bali-

Bali is incredibly easy to get around but quite difficult to navigate. Unconventional roads and a lack of visible street signs (and sometimes stop signs) make for a bit of confusion until you get used to the Bali way of driving. The best ways to get around the island.

The local way – Rent a “Bike” (or what we would call a scooter) for about $5 a day

Push bikes which are great for getting around towns like Sanur (rent for about $1-2/day)

Uber – about $8 per hour

Grab Taxi (iPhone app)

Hire a taxi – You’ll see a ton of gentleman on the side of the roads with taxi signs who are trying to get you to ride with them. Do negotiate, but also do trust these guys. The people you’ll meet in Bali will all be some of the nicest and most trustworthy people you’ve ever met.

OR if you’re on the Gili Islands, get around by donkey!

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couples coordinates bali guide 22 four seasons jimbaran


  1. Kim-Ling says:

    Great post with spectacular pictures! We are headed to Bali in August for a friend’s wedding but have 4 days beforehand to do/stay what/where we want. I’m struggling to decide where to stay! We want to avoid the touristy ‘bogan’ areas Kuta is infamous for. Jimbaran & Ubud both look nice. Would love some ideas!

  2. Great post with awesome pictures the locations are ultimate . No Doubt Bali is like a heaven on the earth there are a lots of places for visit. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Brittanie Som says:

    omg, I am so inlove with all these pictures. I wanna plan a trip for my boyfriend an I. Its hard to pick between all these places. I need help on picking. Also, what website did you guys go through to book flight and hotel?

  4. Omg Your all pictures are awesome both are looking good. You spent really a good time in Bali hope you enjoy a lot your trip.

  5. Joyce Gabriel says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your blog! So informative and the pictures are amazing..making me so much more excited to get there!!! I’m actually currently planning a trip to Bali with a friend of mine. And going to order here Your blog make me feel even more impatient!

    • Thank you for those kind words Joyce! Our 2 main aims are to provide quality information that actually helps people and beautiful pictures. So thank you for making us feel like we are doing our job 🙂

  6. […] For more specific information on Bali, check out our Couple’s Travel Guide to Bali. […]

  7. Made says:

    Hi, I am so happy to find this blog. If you are in Bali you also must visit this
    Enjoy ! 🙂

  8. Jacob Finger says:

    My girlfriend and I are thinking about going to Bali soon, my biggest concern is transportation. For instance, if i wake up in Ubud, and want to go to waterfalls or climb Batur. . . .how would you go about this? Hail a taxi? . . . but how easy is this in more remote areas? I’m just concerned about not being able to get around as efficiently as I would like and therefore its hard to plan a basic itinerary. Any other help regarding transportation would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey buddy – super easy. There are taxis all over the place and you can also arrange them to pick you up in the AM (they always show up). You can also rent a scooter for about $5 a day (usually the best option). You’ll also find Uber in some areas like Sanur, Kuta, etc. It is super cheap!

  9. Clara Dev says:

    Last month I come there, us to Ubud and also surf to the beach desert – the desert. Also we to Tanah Lot to see the sunset. Bali is very beautiful, the culture and the people are very friendly. I loved Bali. Maybe you are yet to come to Bali, come to Bali. I’m sure you do not want to go back. LOL
    I also have information for surfers, no matter you are a beginner or already proficient. Please check our web site.

  10. Mely Kanell says:

    I also just returned from Bali haha. I was in Bali coincide with the feast day of “Nyepi”. it was very impressive,it’s really “The day of Silent”. I also visited Tanah Lot temple, very cool, very artistic. I stay at located on strategic place, not to far from Tanah Lot and also very close to Echo Beach. Of course we should not miss the beach when visiting Bali. Hope to be back soon and next place i want to explore is Ubud.

  11. Elleinne says:

    Hello! Thank you for posting this! It really helps & your pictures are beautiful. =) I do have a question though, we’re planning on having part of our honeymoon in Bali and have 5days. Where would you recommend for us to stay? We want to explore Ubud because of nature and culture , but also want to experience nightlife and the beach. Should we stay in Ubud or Seminyak? Thank you! =)

    • This is a question you need to ask yourselves. We wouldn’t want anything to do with nightlife on our honeymoon, so we would choose to stay in different places. We love Uluwatu, Canggu, and a number of other beach towns. Maybe split your time between Ubud and Uluwatu….but realize 5 days is SUPER short in Bali.

  12. Karen says:

    Hi! Me and my bf is heading to Bali next week. Could you suggest us the best itinerary to do for a week in Bali with a relaxed planned day! thank you. Your blog is amazingggg 🙂

  13. Savannah says:

    I am in awe of this beautiful place and these beautiful people! My boyfriend and I are trying to pick our first travel destination on a budget. Would it be possible to email/ text you with some questions?? Much love!

  14. Your story is lovely!
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    Hey this is an amazing article. Loved your style of writing.

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