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December 20, 2016
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The Ultimate Travel Companion



TEP Wireless

In this day and age, staying connected means staying informed.  Staying connected means continuing to get paid.  Staying connected means staying in contact with friends and family.

Historically when we have looked to book accommodation, the number one “amenity” that we would ensure we had in our Airbnb or hotel was WIFI.  Recently, that changed.

We found a travel companion that has changed the game for us.  We are proud to announce our partnership with TEP Wireless!

TEP Wireless builds awesome portable WIFI devices that will provide you with a strong internet connection almost anywhere in the world.

Oh, and there’s an added bonus, they’re cheap!  You can rent the device (which has unlimited WIFI included) for under $10 a day!

We have previously written blogs about the best travel companies we use on a frequent basis (many of which we have included in our travel companies and resources page).  TEP would have undoubtedly made the list if we had come across them any sooner.

The fact that virtual offices are increasing in popularity makes the benefit of TEP Wireless all too applicable.  We work every time we are on the road, and a number of our friends work remote jobs where telecommuting is crucial.  If you at all have a dream of a remote work situation where you’re able to work from any time zone in the world (so long as you have an internet connection), then TEP wireless is absolutely going to be your…

ultimate travel companion.

Freedom has become the ultimate currency of the millennial.  Experiences are trumping salaries.  Non-pecuniary benefits are king to total compensation.

Thank you so much to the team at TEP for your commitment to Couple’s Coordinates.  And thanks so much for making our lives 1,000,000 times easier while we are on the road.




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