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Travel Companies We Love


Wanderer Bracelets

When we first discovered Wanderer Bracelets we immediately fell in love with the idea because we thought it aligned with our brand extremely well. Not to mention we loved the products, so they immediately became one of our new favorite travel companies.


Once we dug deeper into the company and had the opportunity to speak with a number of the employees, we really started to respect the company. Wanderer Bracelets are hand crafted by artisans in Bali, which means that your purchases are benefiting families in local villages in Bali.


For those of you who might have started reading our blog recently, you might not know that we lived in Bali for 2 months last year. There we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beautiful Balinese culture and make friends with many locals. These people are INCREDIBLY hard working and are the nicest people we have ever met in our lives. And to be honest, many people there make no more than about $50-100 a month.


The coordinates that we chose for our bracelets are the exact coordinates of a point on a bridge in Florence that we used to sit and eat pizza and drink wine together while we watched the sunset. We essentially see this as “our spot” if we think about anywhere in the world that we can most call our own.



We have had the pleasure of writing for Skyscanner as freelancers for about a year and a half now. As avid users of their platform we are very proud ambassadors for their business and are beyond happy to be able to share them with those of you who aren’t familiar with their business.


Here in the states many people tell us that they’ve not heard of Skyscanner. Well, essentially think of them as a magical search engine for cheap flights. They have the best deals on the web hands down.


World Nomads 

Not only do World Nomads offer the most comprehensive travel insurance in the business, they also have a number of charitable funds that donate money to causes that many of us can’t event fathom. As you read this on your iPhone or your laptop, can you imagine not having clean water to drink?  Yeah, us neither.


World Nomads are the leader in the industry, and for very good reasons. Be sure to always buy travel insurance for every trip you take. We know full well that travel is uncertain and mistakes happen along the way. Injury, lost/stolen goods, emergencies etc. all are very realistic things. Be prepared!


Walks of Italy

Tourism is an interesting thing. It is doubtful that a single traveler would say he or she is a fan of running into tour groups while traveling, yet, many travelers love to take tours. Walks of Italy provides a different tour experience that centers around getting outside, taking walks through the living history of the city, and interacting with a local tour guide who has loads of insight.

The simple platform and slogan they often use of, “Take walks!” hits right at home with us as we are very health conscious. We have seen a ridiculous amount our friends posting pictures from Italy this summer, so if you’re heading to Italy be sure to book a tour with Walks of Italy!

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