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Lucca Day Trip From Florence

Lucca is the quintessential idea that we all have when we conjure up a thought of an Italian city with Medieval remnants. Just 1.5 hours outside Florence by train is the walled-in Tuscan town of Lucca. Lucca is famous for its Renaissance walls that have endured 700+ years since the days of Da Vinci and Michelangelo. The walls were an awesome defense to fortify the town of Lucca against invasions. Now, Lucca is a charming small town with much to offer for families and couples alike. Lucca has a history dating back to the Etruscans (pre-Roman Empire), so you’re sure to feel like you’re time traveling while exploring this quaint little town. Most visitors to Lucca aren’t actually staying in Lucca. As Lucca is accessible by Regionale trains, it’s easy to do a Lucca day trip from Florence.

If you’re looking for a perfect little small town destination for your trip to Italy, Lucca is the perfect spot!

How to get to Lucca, Italy

Lucca is easily accessible by both Regionale trains or car. The train from Firenze SMN (Florence Santa Maria Novella) to Lucca typically routes through Pisa and takes about 1.5 hours in total. The drive from Florence to Lucca should take only about 1 hour unless of course, you stop to photograph and soak in the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

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Train Florence to Lucca

From the Firenze SMN train station, purchase a ticket for Lucca if you haven’t already purchased on online. The train takes roughly 1.5 hours and there are almost 30 trains throughout the day, so you can literally depart and return any time during the day. The Rail Planner App is great for checking train timetables offline as it doesn’t require wifi or cell service. As the trains between Florence and Lucca are all regional (Regionale) you don’t need to reserve a seat.

Things to do in Lucca, Italy

Our favorite activity in Lucca is riding bikes. There is a circular path that encompasses the entirety of town and is perfect for cyclists, walkers, etc. The path runs above the epic Renaissance walls of Lucca and is lined with trees, statues, and other beautiful art that is almost a tour in itself. Bike shops can be found throughout the town of Lucca (many near the bike path) and you should be able to rent bikes for about €5/hour.

Other things to do in Lucca:

  • Eat! Enjoy the delicious Tuscan cuisine that Lucca has to offer without the crowds of Florence or Siena! There are so many hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Lucca that you’re sure to love.
  • Walls of Lucca – There are few towns in the world that have Renaissance walls that have endured 7 centuries and remained completely intact. As you enter the city you’ll have a chance to see the walls from below and imagine just what it must have been like when the French troops of Charles VIII arrived in Lucca in 1494 to sack the city. Then, walk above the walls and ride bikes around the city to get a greater perspective and view the surrounding area in a 360-degree panorama.
  • Giunigi Tower – You can climb the 230 steps to the top of this brick tower that has trees on the top!
  • St. Martin Cathedral – This cathedral dates back to the 11th century and has a unique architecture edifice
  • Chiesa di San Michele in Foro – An 1100s church that is famous for the facade that looks like a wedding cake
  • Palazzo Pfanner – Gorgeous palace and garden in Lucca that has been converted to a museum! The garden is the gem here.
  • Serchio River – The 3rd longest river in Tuscany
  • Ponte delle Maddalena – Attraversiamo! Let’s cross over the Serchio River.
  • Torre delle Ore – Awesome clock tower in the center of Lucca

Best restaurants in Lucca, Italy

Tuscan cuisine is some of our favorite food in the world. It’s a type of cuisine that feels like home. Tuscan food is the personification of a grandmother’s hug. It’s a warm embrace that always leaves your belly full and a smile on your face. Some of the best restaurants in Lucca include:

  • Osteria da Pasquale
  • Cantine Bernardini
  • Gatta Ci Cova
  • L’imbuto
  • Trattoria da Giulio
  • Buca di Sant’Antonio
  • Celide
  • Ristorante Giglio
  • Da Felice
  • Antica Locanda di Sesto
  • Pan di Strada
  • La Tana del Boia
  • La Bottega di Anna e Leo
  • Canuleia
  • L’isola Che Non C’era
  • Da Ciacco

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