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Top 10 Longest Living Countries


It isn’t uncommon for us to adopt new diets, medicinal and medical practices, and fitness routines that stem from a certain place in the world or a certain society. Some of it makes sense: eat a Mediterranean diet because people in the Mediterranean region have some of the longest life expectancies in the world. Others, not so much.

But have you ever had the chance to find out which countries actually seem to have the right lifestyle going? If our life expectancy is a combination of things (genetics and perhaps food intake, exercise, lifestyle, stress level, air quality, etc.) perhaps there are countries we can emulate. Sure, you can’t change your genetic code (yet), but you can at least look at the lifestyles of the people in these countries and perhaps put some of their practices into your life.

Here are the longest living countries in the world: 

**For some reason the Wolrd Health Organization (WHO) excludes Monaco from the list, which actually has the longest life expectancy of any country in the world, by about 6 years (almost a 10% longer life than the #2 country). Monaco registered on another list with an average of 89.5 years of life.**


  1. Japan – 83.7

  2. Switzerland – 83.4

  3. Singapore – 83.1

  4. Australia – 82.8

  5. Spain – 82.8

  6. Iceland – 82.7


  7. Italy – 82.7

  8. Israel – 82.5

  9. Sweden – 82.4

  10. France – 82.4

Check out the data on the WHO website.

Interesting thoughts/notes

None of the opinions below come from research, merely observation.

  • 9/10 of the countries in the top 10 (10/11 if you include Monaco) either have oceans or major seas that border them
  • 4/10 (5/11 if you include Monaco) are what we could consider Mediterranean countries. Research has often pointed to Mediterranean diets being the best for longevity.
  • 9/10 of the countries have universal healthcare

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