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Comparing the Best International Data Plans: Why KnowRoaming Beats Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile


Back in August we announced our partnership with KnowRoaming and proclaimed that KnowRoaming is the best international data roaming solution. Since we released this blog a number of you have ordered KnowRoaming to leverage as your international data roaming solution. Understanding the complexities (and differences) of international data and mobile packages can be quite a challenge; often times because telecommunications companies lack individuality and offer ambiguous plans. That is why we wanted to compare and contrast the best international data plan of KnowRoaming with the leading mobile providers in the States. Most travelers do 1 of 2 things when they travel:

  1. Turn off roaming and only use WIFI
  2. Add an international data and mobile package with their primary carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile etc.)


KnowRoaming: Unlimited Data in 125+ Countries for $7.99/day

The main reason we love KnowRoaming is because they offer the most affordable unlimited data package on the market. Verizon and AT&T have competing international products, but they are neither unlimited (unless your data package at home is unlimited) nor as affordable. Let’s be honest…most people in the 18-34 demographic aren’t using cell phone minutes to actually make calls at home, let alone while out of the country. Data is king. We like to use the internet, applications, send and receive texts, etc. Almost all of the functions we perform are data related. Sure, we make phone calls, but those seldom and are quite brief.

KnowRoaming also just launched new data packages, offering 1GB and 5GB. Prices vary depending on location.


We are actually very happy Verizon customers here in the States and sometimes use Verizon Travel Pass while out of the country. For $10 per day, Verizon Travel Pass allows customers to use their exact data and minute packages they have at home on the road (in over 130 countries). You simply take your plan with you and nothing really changes. Calls can be made both from the local country to the home country as well as locally in the current local country (Ex: If you are from the US and in Italy, you can call the US and Italy at on additional cost.) This package is especially awesome in North America. In Canada and Mexico, travel pass is only $5/day.

Verizon Travel Pass is clearly our choice in Canada and Mexico, but unless we need to make phone calls back to the States and locally while we are traveling, we use KnowRoaming’s unlimited data package for $7.99 as this is $2 cheaper per day than Verizon.

KnowRoaming is also a better choice than Travel Pass if you plan to exceed your data limits. With unlimited data, you can use apps all day, stream music and videos whenever you want, and do things like tethering your laptop to your phone when you don’t have WIFI (or when the WIFI speed is poor). We often do this with our KnowRoaming SIM cards to stream movies after we have explored all day and night. The sheer fact that we don’t have to worry about data overages with KnowRoaming is reason enough to use the $7.99 unlimited day pass.

KnowRoaming wins…(except for Canada and Mexico).


AT&T has a very similar product to Verizon’s Travel Pass, but offer this service in 30 fewer countries. For $10/day you can take your AT&T package with you to 100+ countries. Again, this is limited by the data package you have at home where KnowRoaming is not.

KnowRoaming wins again. 


T-Mobile is notorious for having shitty service. Sorry. That’s the truth. We have both had T-Mobile before and we can attest to this. Honestly, the Sidekick kinda made the bad service worth it…that phone was dope.

T-Mobile has a great offer for customers, allowing customers to leverage 2G speeds in 140+ countries at no cost. One thing to consider, however, is that you will NOT be streaming anything. You MIGHT be able to use Google Maps, and you’ll be able to send and receive email/texts/etc.

If you want to get out of the Stone Age, you’ll need to purchase a supplement package to reach 4G speeds: these are reported to start at $25.

KnowRoaming wins again. 

Hopefully it has become evident that KnowRoaming has created the best international data roaming solution for travelers. We use KnowRoaming in almost every country we travel to both for international data as well as to make phone calls locally and back home to the States. The one exception is, of course, when we travel to Mexico and Canada and use Verizon Travel Pass. If you’re interested in purchasing a SIM card/sticker from KnowRoaming, use our code below to save 50%. Our blog above outlines (in detail) how to leverage KnowRoaming and covers some of the key benefits of using KnowRoaming. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments.

Use CODE: CCSAVE50 for 50% off on your purchase

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