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5 Things To See in Bratislava


Bratislava has a bit of an ambiguity about it.  Most people hear the name Bratislava and think of the movie Euro Trip.  Others (who have had the opportunity to visit the beautiful country) think about gorgeous architecture, friendly locals, and romantic vantage points to spend time at with your partner.

We had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Slovakian Tourism Board who arranged a number of activities for us and provided recommendations that we wanted to pass on to our readers.

Being a small town, we were able to explore the whole of Bratislava in about an hour!  The whole city is absolutely worth walking, but we definitely have a few places that we suggest you ensure you see when you visit.  Be sure to enjoy the gorgeous colors you’ll find throughout the city as you make your way to our favorite….

5 Things to See in Bratislava



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Bratislava Castle

Unique is probably the first word that will come to mind when you visit the Bratislava Castle. The general ideas that come to mind about a “castle” would most likely be a building with a number of points, dark bricks and stone, maybe a moat surrounding the building with a draw bridge.  The Bratislava castle, however, has none of these things.  The building is shaped as a rectangle and is flat white with an orange roof.  Positioned on top of a hill the building has a large atrium in the center with four large points at each respective corner.
The hike up to the castle is easy and you can explore the area and outside of the castle without a ticket or entry fee.



Balcony at the Radisson Blu Carlton

During our stay in Bratislava we were hosted by one of the best hotels in the city. The Radisson Blu Carlson is located in one of the most enjoyable parts of the city center and can be booked for less than $100 a night.  We stayed on the first floor where we had a beautiful balcony with a breathtaking view.  From our balcony we were able to see the Bratislava Castle and St. Martin’s Cathedral as well as many of the historic buildings in the city center.  We were also fortunate enough to see a gorgeous sunset light up the sky over the town!


River walk

This “spot” or “thing” is not quite a spot or thing. There is no particular location along the river that we suggest you see.  However, the walk along the bank of the river is a very enjoyable one.  You’ll enjoy a number of nice views of things like the Bratislava Castle, the town’s bridges, and a number of beautiful trees and hills surrounding the city.


Slavin War Memorial

For Americans traveling abroad, it is not unfamiliar to come across war memorials. Considering that we have virtually been in war for the better part of the last century, we are surrounded with unique memorials throughout the US.
The Slavin War Memorial is located at the War Cemetery of Bratislava and is the burial ground to thousands of Soviet soldiers.


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St. Martin’s Cathedral

You can get a nice view of St. Martin’s from Bratislava Castle, but it is also nice to walk around the Old Town and explore the castle itself. After all, what would a trip to Europe be without visiting a few historic churches and museums?  St. Martin’s will seem unique in comparison to many cathedrals in Europe in that it is quite a bit smaller.  The cathedral stands at 279 feet tall.  In contrast, the Florence Duomo stands 376 feet tall, the Milan Duomo stands 350 feet tall, and the Pilsen Castle in Czech Republic stands 336 feet tall.

Bratislava is an absolute must for anyone traveling to Eastern Europe. Travelers from the States, Britain, Australia, and many parts of Europe will greatly appreciate the purchasing power in Slovakia.  Sure, they’re on the Euro, but everything from accommodation to good food seems to be quite affordable throughout the country.  Especially if you’re visiting Vienna, be sure to at least make a day trip to Bratislava.  The bus from Vienna to Bratislava takes about 1 hour and will only cost you between 6 and 10 Euro.

For more, check out how to plan a weekend trip to Bratislava.

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