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3 Things You Have to See On The Komodo Islands

The Komodo islands are an archipelago located in Indonesia. Not only had I never heard of these islands before my recent visit in August, but I had no clue what a Komodo dragon was. These amazing prehistoric reptiles are considered to be the largest lizards in the world and can grow as long as 9 feet (about 3 meters). This endangered species can only be found in the Komodo National Park, which became a World Heritage site in 1986. My journey around the Komodo islands was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life! If you’re looking for a unique adventure in Indonesia, this is one you’ll never forget!

Here are the 3 things you have to see on the Komodo Islands



Rinca Island

Rinca Island is just a short boat ride away from Lebuan Bajo and is home to hundreds of wild komodo dragons. In fact, there are more Komdo Dragons than people that inhabit Rinca Island! You’ll trek through the mountains with a trained guide who will carry a stick for protection. No, seriously.  Your only protection from these 3 meter long quasi dinosaurs will be a stick and a local guide. Witnessing these creatures in their natural habitat is quite a moving experience.



Padar Island

Padar Island is easily my favorite stop we made in the Komodo Archipelago! We did not see any komodo dragons here, however, this island has one of the most breathtaking hikes and views that I’ve ever seen (as seen in the picture above)! It’s a pretty difficult hike to the top, so I recommend bringing strong hiking shoes, sunscreen, and plenty of drinking water. The view is 100% worth the climb! Do not miss this if you’re heading to Komodo!

Pink Beach

Pristine white sand mixes with vibrant red coral to create the infamous “Pink Beach.” This beach is like something out of a dream! You’ll see crystal clear water, beautiful coral everywhere in the shallows, and green land with rolling hills behind the beach. We had a picnic and spent the day snorkeling and enjoying the sunshine while on Pink Beach.
These suggestions are obviously just 3 of the things you can do when you visit the Komodo Islands.  However, they are 3 things you shouldn’t miss, so be sure to allow for a few days in the Komodo Islands so that you can enjoy each stop to the fullest and not feel like you’re island hopping at an unenjoyable speed.

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