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Dining at Il Palagio – Four Seasons Florence, Italy


Our travels have enabled us to spoil ourselves on some of the most delicious food in the world. Honestly, one of, if not the most important aspect to us about travel is experiencing the culture through the food.

Our friends at Four Seasons Firenze hosted us at their Michelin Star restaurant, Il Palagio. For travelers looking for a traditional, hole-in-the-wall Italian experience, this is not it. However, if an opulent dining experience offering some of the world’s best wine and a modern twist on Italian food is something that sounds up your alley, then Il Palagio is the best choice in town.


Il Palagio Florence

We are writing this with the assumption that each of you (or at least 90% of you) have had lovely wine pairings with a nice meal. However, have you ever had a fine juice pairing? Have you ever experienced a 2014 Grand Reserve Granny Smith Apple Juice to complement a starter?

Il Palagio offers an incredible selection of juices (some almost resembling wines) to pair with each course for those of you who do not drink alcohol (Michael’s choice for the night).

For those of you who prefer to stick to wine, just let your server do his or her thing. Don’t bother looking at your menu or the wine list. Suggest that your server bring you each of his or her favorite dishes along with a wine to pair with each plate (Alex’s choice for the night). You’re going to thank us.

If you are, however, inclined to take a peek at the menu, prepare for your mouth to water. Admittedly, we were too excited about our meal that we completely forgot to take photos until we got to our dessert (which, as you can see was quite a sampler).

For more on Florence, check out our Florence Travel Guide.

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