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The Worst Thing About Traveling


The other day we took a poll on Facebook asking people to identify their number one travel grievance. This could be anything that is a nuisance when traveling, or anything that causes traveling to be more challenging, less enjoyable, or a combination of the two. The responses varied, but there was one common theme. The number one travel grievance was seemingly a lack of common courtesy. So, we can conclude that the worst thing about traveling is a lack of common courtesy.

From discourteous flight attendants to parents who can’t manage their children, the list of grievances mostly stemmed from a lack of common courtesy. People have become increasingly more entitled over the last few years and that is evident from both a personal and a business perspective. The customer is less frequently “always right” in business, and consumers tend to put personal interests over courtesy and concern for the whole.

Some of the grievances we could relate the most to were:

  • People with super smelly feet taking their shoes off on a flight. (C’mon…you know if your feet smell. Be courteous and at least bring fresh socks for the flight.)
  • Travelers who assume the armrest is entirely their own. (Let’s compromise. Do you want the front half or the back half? You can choose…I’ll take the other half.)
    Someone who sits in the aisle seat but makes you feel like shit for having to get up to go to the bathroom.  (That’s part of the deal, bro.)
  • Being treated poorly by flight attendants. (Do your job. Respect us and we will respect you.)
  • Being ripped off at shops and markets because you’re an “ignorant tourist.” (Be honest more frequently and perhaps we won’t try to bargain and cut your prices in half.)
  • Gate attendants who make you check your bags at the gate when there is plenty of overhead space. (Cut the shit, gate attendants. We know your game.)
  • When the flight crew provides no information about a flight delay. (It really isn’t that hard, people. Just give us the truth and update us.)
  • In-flight flatulence. (Just go to the bathroom.)
  • Fellow travelers who bring extremely pungent food on flights. (Please leave the fried fish sticks or the disgusting chicken feet at home, sir.)
  • Parents who can’t parent. Even worse, parents who refuse to parent.
  • Being charged for an overweight bag when it is only 1 LB or KG over. (Let’s just both turn a blind eye to that one, okay, gate attendant? I’m not putting on 2 more jackets. It’s 80 degrees today on December 11 here in LA. Just let it go.)

The timing for this blog couldn’t be more spot on. It’s the holidays. Think about your fellow travelers and those with whom you come in contact on your journey and remember that it is always about the journey; not the destination. Be kind to one another, and don’t forget to act with common courtesy and decency at the forefront of your mind. Many of those who took the poll also aired grievances about things that are completely out of anyone’s control (long flights, delays, etc.). Let’s take control of the things we can change and together make traveling even more enjoyable. Happy Holidays everyone!

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