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Michael’s First Book, Gallivanting the Globe, Is Almost Complete!

couples coordinates gallivanting the globe michaels first book

Last year I completed what I thought would be my first book? The HoneySun. It offered detailed anecdotes of my travels with Alex and implored couples to travel before marriage. The book explored the many ways that couples benefit from traveling together but was less practical in terms of application. So, I spent the last year rewriting the book and am excited to share it with you all soon!

Gallivanting the Globe

Gallivanting the Globe is practical. It answers all of the questions aspiring travelers have before hitting the road and, more importantly, the ones you didn’t know to ask. Whether you want to take up a nomadic lifestyle and gallivant around the globe, move internationally and live as an expat, or simply travel more extensively, this is your blueprint to realizing that dream. If you want to travel like an influencer without starting a blog or running a popular Instagram or YouTube account, the tips in this book will help you attain not only geographical freedom but also financial freedom.

In addition to my story, I interviewed individuals who have lived and traveled internationally (some for more than a decade) to illustrate the variety of opportunities available in the 21st century to individuals who want to travel without sacrificing career and wealth aspirations. Join me in my repudiation of the status quo and find out how you can live, work, and travel anywhere in the world!

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