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Surprise! Couple’s Coordinates is Moving to Perth Australia!

coordinates is moving to perth australia cottesloe beach perth

If you didn’t see our post on Instagram or Facebook announcing that we were moving to Perth, Australia, then we have a huge surprise for you: last month Couple’s Coordinates moved our home base to Perth!

A few months ago Alex and I were lying in bed next to one another when she said, “We should move to Perth.” She was looking at pictures of the beautiful beaches here in Western Australia, picturing herself getting away from the rainy winter we were having in LA.

“Let’s do it!” I replied.

Within about 30 minutes I had applied for a few jobs in Perth and had already connected with the individual who would come to be my manager here in Perth. What started as a silly, spontaneous, conversation (kinda like when we were lying next to each other at the pool a few years ago and decided to move to Italy) became a reality in no more than 2 months. Through a month-long series of interviews, I was able to secure a position managing global accounts at Gartner, and after about another month, we had our visas secured.

Like all good things in the Gallagher family, moving to Perth was an impromptu decision.

So what does all this mean for Couple’s Coordinates? Well, it means a lot more amazing content from incredible places around the world. We only arrived in Perth a month ago and we have already traveled to Bali, Malaysia, and Singapore, all while making discovering Australia and making her our new home.

Considering our proximity to Asia, expect to see heaps of content from Southeast Asia and the island archipelago of Indonesia. We will be bringing you the best from our new home continent as we venture to explore the best each of the states around Australia has to offer as well as the beautiful beaches here in our back yard in Western Australia.

And, of course, we will still be sharing amazing content from our second home: Italy. I promised Alex I would take her back to Italy every year in my wedding vows, so I plan to honor that vow no matter how far we are.

In the forthcoming year(s) we are excited to visit many new destinations including Africa, New Zealand, and so so much more. We can’t wait to share all of our incredible adventures with you all. Thank you all for your support over the years and thank you for your continued support in the next chapter of our lives down under!

Here are some photos from our new back yard 🙂

Cheers mates!

coordinates is moving to perth australia cottesloe beach
coordinates is moving to perth australia sunset at cottesloe beach
coordinates is moving to perth australia cottesloe beach summer

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