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The Couple’s Travel Guide to Mykonos

Whether you’re looking to party, tan nude on a beautiful beach, enjoy amazing Greek cuisine, adventure around an island on ATVs or perhaps all of the above, we’ve got you covered. The Couple’s Travel Guide to Mykonos has suggestions on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat when you visit Mykonos.

Summer/party season is quickly approaching, which means Mykonos is about to get a lot more crowded and a lot more wild. Follow this guide and you’ll not only be privy to the best parties on the island but also some local favorites.

Mykonos Travel Guide




-Where to stay-

Mamas Pension

Mama’s Pension is a hostel that seems more like a quality hotel. For hostel prices you can enjoy 5 star hotel views and family style hospitality just above St. Stefanos Beach. Christina, the woman who runs Mama’s Pension, is an absolute angel. She will give you all the information you need to get around Mykonos and more. She will also gladly pick you up from the port when your ferry arrives. As per hostel tradition, you’ll have Greek coffee and light breakfast at your disposal as well as a laundry service. Trust us, there is a reason Mama’s got a 9.4 on Hostelworld, a “fabulous” on and a 4.5 on Trip Advisor.



-Where to eat-


If you’re staying at Mama’s Pension (like you should) you’ll be directly next door to a traditional Greek Taverna. This was by far the most amazing greek cuisine we had anywhere in Greece. The name of the place is in Greek and everyone simply calls it the “Taverna,” so that’s what we went with as well. Considering the ambiguity, here are the coordinate points from Google as well as a street view that shows you the gorgeous view over St. Stefanos Beach.





Jimmy’s Gyros are famous in Mykonos and are conveniently sold right in the middle of Mykonos Town. Why is this convenient? Because of the proximity to the bars! Gyros make for amazing drunchies and Jimmy’s definitely did the trick.




-Best beaches-

Mykonos’ entire coastline is covered with beautiful beaches. We adventured around on ATVs and found some of the more popular beaches, secluded beaches, and even private beaches with no tourists!

Agios Sostis – Probably the most gorgeous beach on Mykonos
Lia – Great for relaxing under an umbrella and hiring a chair
Private beach next to Lia – If you climb over the hill to the left of Lia beach, you’ll find a private cove where we tan and swam nude. It is super secluded and absolutely gorgeous.





-Best beach/night clubs and bars-

On Mykonos the party doesn’t really ever end. Beach clubs turn into night clubs and bars are packed until the early hours of the morning. Here is a list of our favorites:

Cavo Paradiso

Super Paradise



Jacki O






-Getting around-

Taxis are a pain on Mykonos, especially if you stay all the way at Mama’s Pension. Your best (and most fun) bet is to rent an ATV for about €25 a day and ride around the island. You’ll find rental shops all over the island. Be smart though – don’t drive an ATV drunk. Driving ATVs on island roads might make you seem invincible and might make you feel that normal laws do not apply, but they do. If you end up drinking, take a cab.



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