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couples coordinates hiking the path of the gods

Hiking the Path of the Gods

The Sentiero Degli Dei, more commonly known to tourists in Italy as the Path of the Gods, is arguably the most beautiful hike in the world. […]


Tips For Proposing Abroad

Destination proposals are becoming increasingly more popular. As most of you know, I proposed to Alex in Positano back in September. As we plan our wedding, […]


How to Plan a Day Trip to Capri

If you’ve never heard of Capri, you’re not alone. It’s a small island off the coast of Italy, just a few miles west of Sorrento. The […]


Top 10 Longest Living Countries

It isn’t uncommon for us to adopt new diets, medicinal and medical practices, and fitness routines that stem from a certain place in the world or […]

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KnowRoaming – The Best International Data Roaming Solution

Have you ever heard of KnowRoaming? If you travel internationally and have ever: Had an outrageous mobile phone bill or Avoided using your phone to mitigate having […]


Staying at Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

Words simply can’t describe the beauty of Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai. Expectations were high before we even arrived at the property as our taxi driver proclaimed, […]


Best Places to Propose

Considering yesterday was the anniversary of our wonderful engagement in Positano, we thought we would share a list of some places we have traveled to that would […]

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Best Books To Read While Traveling

Books are no different than songs and movies…your favorites will constantly change as you continue to read new books and as the types of books you […]