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7 of the Best Restaurants in Sydney

couples coordinates best restaurants in Sydney

Australia isn’t particularly known for its unique cuisine, but fortunately, Sydney is enough of a melting pot that one can find a combination of delicious modern restaurants serving healthy, vegan and vegetarian options, and traditional restaurants where one of the cities many foreign-born cooks will share the recipes of their homeland. There are heaps of Asian and European, and Indian immigrants in Sydney, and as a result, many of the best restaurants in Sydney server international food.

Plan a date night at any one of these 7 restaurants and enjoy some of our favorite fun things to do in Sydney.

best steak in sydney bistecca best restaurants in sydney australia

Bistecca – Best Steak Sydney

Now, Alex wouldn’t be a fan of this place, so I went here when I was just in Sydney alone for a few days. However, this place is perfect for a date night because bistecca Fiorentina is best enjoyed by 2 or more people and all the sides are great to share. This is my personal favorite restaurant in Sydney. For 2 people, be sure to get 1KG or more of bistecca and then add on sides like the Brussel sprouts and the radicchio/pear/gorgonzola salad. You’ll ALMOST feel like you’re in Florence. *You’ll definitely need a reservation here, FYI.


Zahil – Best Middle Eastern Food in Sydney

Delicious Middle Eastern restaurant with great mezze plates, kebabs, and more. Definitely one of our favorite spots in the city. Also, it wasn’t crowded either time we went and we were there right in the dinner rush hour. This was Alex’s favorite that we found in Sydney during the 2 weeks that we were there!


Lucio Pizzeria – Best Pizza in Sydney

We found Lucio because they’re part of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), meaning they make an authentic Neapolitan pizza! Lucio has won the “Best Pizza in Australia” award and proudly serves the best Neapolitan pizza in Sydney. The servers and pizzaioli are all Italian and the quality is fantastic. You can’t go wrong with a margherita pizza, but the truffle and prosciutto bianco pizza is also fantastic! They do take-out as well if you just want to eat pizza in bed and snuggle.

Bonus tip: for an awesome vegan pizza option, try Gigis Pizza!


Mr. Wong – Best Asian Food in Sydney

Perhaps the most popular restaurant in the city, Mr. Wong is a delicious Cantonese style restaurant with awesome family-style selections. Go here with a group (or at least a friend who can eat a lot of food) and order a number of plates so you can taste all of the best dishes that they serve. The duck is excellent! *Definitely make a reservation here. We didn’t have one and we waited 45 minutes.


Three Williams – Best Breakfast in Sydney

The best breakfast in Sydney. Australia is known for having awesome avocado toast throughout the country. One thing that Australians do really well (food wise) is breakfast, and Three Williams is a shining example of that. Three Williams’ avocado toast is next level and they also have delicious coffee and pastries. The avocado toast has both avocado and smashed peas, whipped feta, honey, pumpkin seeds, and mixed herbs


The Boathouse – Best Fish and Chips in Sydney

Our good friend Pierce grew up in Sydney and one of the first things he recommended for us to for ANZAC Day was to take a ferry to Manly and eat fish and chips at The Boathouse. Honestly, the fish and chips were one of the best meals we had in Sydney. Don’t sleep on this place. This is an epic place for brunch and the diversity of the menu means that you can please a family if 1 kid wants pizza, 1 wants fish and chips, and you’re craving something a bit healthier like ceviche or a salad. *Seating is first-come, first-serve


Malabar – Best Indian Food in Sydney

Delicious, authentic, Indian restaurant in North Sydney with friendly staff. This place is a hole in the wall in a remote part of the city where they aren’t afraid to spoon in the spice. Everything here was absolutely fantastic from the naan and the rice to the beef vindaloo and even the vegetarian and vegan options that Alex got. They actually have a second location in Sydney as well!

Bonus: After dinner you’ll need some dessert, right?

Head to Rivareno Gelato! When we look for gelaterie around the world, we search for the ones that have Italians working at them. Rivareno’s gelato isn’t just good for Australia, it would be good in Italy as well. Definitely the best in Sydney and possibly Australia as a whole.

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